Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche 

In my University days, a young man who stayed   in the same room with me came back one day   reporting that he was beaten up by bad boys   while preaching in a pub around the school   hostel. So, I followed him to the place and   cursed the place and everything in it. After a 

short time, the pub was closed down and 

subsequently, no business could thrive there. A 

lady went there to start up a business, and 

when it could not function, they told her, “There 

is aman by name Paul Enenche who cursed   the place when he was a student here.

If you   want your business to function there, go and   meet him to reverse the curse.” The lady came to me and the curse was reversed. 

Imagine that! A place was shaken and reordered by one declaration against an 

ungodly activity. Anywhere there is a shaking, 

things cannot continue the way they have   been.

Beloved, you have been chosen by God to   shake and reorder your generation by prayer,   aggressive evangelism, impact, etc. So, do not 

sit down and watch things go wrong. 

Pray This Prayer: 

I receive the grace to make a change for good 

in my generation. I refuse to sit and watch 

things go wrong around me, in Jesus’ Name.




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