Rehearsals that would be interesting and attractive to your choristers must be a rehearsals that provides solutions to their various issues musically and otherwise, it must be rehearsals that has a purpose, focused on their all round growth.

There are many variables that are involved with the growth of choristers, being in the choir has many sides like; music, the voice, character, leadership, self discovery, etc.

Many choristers have different issues, these issues can hamper their willingness to focus on their growth musically, so as a music director, you must be very sensitive to their personal issues, solving them with knowledge that works, if you want to get them to a place of excellence.

The choir is a department in the church, and most times, the pastor may not have all the time to touch the delicate areas of their lives, as a departmental head, you are to be an extension of your pastor to them.

Music directing has two areas; MUSIC and DIRECTING(leadership). While you are trying to get them to grow musically, it is good that you are a good director/leader. As a leader, it is good for you to be very vast in areas like, people management, emotional intelligence, self development, spiritual life, purpose discovery, etc. Though these are not primary as it relates to your choir, but if they are not taken care of, you may not find it easy getting them to focus on their growth musically.

Every music director should draw up a standard curriculum every month for their choristers, it should always include matters that are affecting the choristers under you, anytime your choristers see that you have their growth in mind, they will naturally be committed to what you tell them to do.

Learn how to deal with their different temperaments, character deficiencies, emotional differences, some of them are going through difficulties at home, try to look beyond their shortcomings sometimes and see that they may be going through hard times.

In summary, beyond the music, beyond making them prepare for programs, be very concerned about their personal lives, be a friend to them, be a leader, be a brother/sister to them, be their confidant, etc.

Every music director that will succeed must learn these things, be a solid team player, be a problem solver, go for knowledge that works, earn their respect by the depth and truth of your knowledge, be a person of impact, be passionate about raising your choristers to be a blessing to both the church and society in every area of their lives.

I would highly recommend to every music director that you should be very open to attending trainings, read very wide, be very humble to have solid mentors that will help you grow and also grow your choir.

I am passionate about the growth and proper training of our choristers in the body of Christ, bringing them to a place of balance and excellence through knowledge.


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