For instance, my wife doesn't like Egusi soup, she doesn't eat it, I got to learn about this during the early stages of our relationship. 

Me on the other hand, I loved  Egusi, it used to be my favourite soup ever, "used to", because its not my favourite soup anymore. 

When I met her and found out that she is not the egusi person. First thing that came to my mind was; if she doesn't eat it, then she wouldn't cook it. This means that my favourite egusi soup is out the window. And oh, the other option is to balance well and finish 5 wraps of pounded yam and the egusi soup at the buka secretly. Win-win. If she doesn't eat or cook it at home I can eat it outside and clean my mouth. But no, not me, I'm principled, whatever meal my wife does not cook, I loose my taste for it immediately.

So I thought about it long and hard, this was one of the many things I had on my own private negotiation table. 

But then, eating that soup won't take me to heaven will it? It doesn't in any way affect my relationship with God, or does it? I won't be denied access to manifest in the supernatural or will it? 

The answer is no.

So yea, I can do without it. 

I can compromise on my love for egusi soup. 

I can afford to close that chapter of my life to marry her, because it doesn't in any way affect or influence my personal relationship with God.

But, if she had said she doesn't eat prayers, or fasting, or studying the Bible, then the only option available for me is to JAPA!

This is just one example out of the many things I had to consider on the negotiable table before marriage.

Listen guys, if you ever get stuck in the battle between WHAT YOU  WANT and WHAT GOD WANTS FOR YOU, consider this dimensions first before the adrenaline runs over your head;

1. Will this keep me alive to the flesh or alive to the spirit?

2. Will this hurt God or make Him happy?

3. Will this disconnect me from my relationship with God?

4. Will this affect my salvation journey?

5. And will I be doing this on my own strength or will God's favour cover me? 

Many have you have sat on the negotiation table and made decisions in favour of your feelings. 

The only table you should sit on is the one God has set before you, cos when God sets the table before you, He gives you the privilege of choosing how you want your dinner served. 

Don't set the table yourself and invite God to dinner. 




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