I don't know what nonsense you have been FED with across your religious circles. But hear me, talk about sex in your relationship. I repeat, talk about sex. As soon as your body starts doing like, wanting to kiss him or her, start that talk. Don't wait until courtship whatever. 

Some of these guys are looking for someone's daughter to frustrate with their sexual orientation. 

I know of a lady whose marriage ended because the guy used NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE TO DECEIVE her to believe they were practising a GODLY RELATIONSHIP. Even the honeymoon was war. The man will come with his male partner and lock the room and for several months in the new marriage, he couldn't fulfil his conjugal obligations. The beautiful babe, ran for her life and the bride price returned. She saw the guy in the Church. 

Some of these guys are church workers, ministers and look like they are on fire for God. Yet they can't be humane enough to tell their partners the naked truth about their sexual inclinations.

I know of another who is BROKEN by the discovery of her so-called "GODLY MAN" who don't even want her to mention sex being gay. 

It's high time we all start dating and marrying our type. Don't use your sexual orientation to frustrate another. If you are gay, marry a gay. If you are heterosexual, go for your kind. 

Single people, forget all these religious beliefs you hold about sex. Make it a MAJOR discussion in your relationship. Talk about sexual habits, know their sexual history, sexual orientation, sexual preference, sexual boundaries, and even how to keep each other "WARM" when the weather is cold in your relationship. 

Don't get the word WARM, twisted.

What I mean is that both of you would have to devise a strategy to help each other to express and experience intimacy by engaging other faculties while maintaining your sexual boundaries, if that's what both of you have agreed on. 

If you try to deceive any of my daughters this year and I CATCH YOU, you are finished. Respect your penis. To the ladies, if you are a lesbian, please, go and marry your kind and don't try to manipulate somebody's son into making you a wife. 

It's WICKEDNESS to hide your SEXUAL IDENTITY from someone you say you love.  

In our early morning conference intercession today, my covenant brother, Apostle OK Jonas, shared with us how he has entered a covenant with God about the sexual orientation of his yet to be born children. He has started praying for their sexual health and behaviour. He's praying that his children will not turn out to pick strange lifestyles but will be driven by the fear of God. 

We are busy and intentionally structuring and securing our generation in the place of prayer and consecration. If you like, waste yours on debauchery. 

Sex is a universal life force. Sex is the electricity that powers the planet. Sex powers love. If you like, argue with your keyboard. If we mess up our sexual lives, we are messing up a generation.

Looks like #100DaysofSex has started. I was supposed to start next week. But I dey vex like this. 


Nick I. Thomas


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