Bishop David Oyedepo And Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: What they both have in common

1. They both studied Architecture:

Bishop David Oyedepo is an HND graduate in Architecture at the Kwara State Polytechnic in Kwara while Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a graduate in Architecture at Bendel University now called Ambrose Ali University in Edo state.

2. They are both Protoge to late Archbishop Bension Idahosa;

Bishop David Oyedepo was well known with late Archbishop Bension Idahosa. Bishop Oyedepo often refer to him as " The Lion". Late Archbishop Bension Idahosa ordained Bishop Oyedepo as a Bishop in the 80's WHILE Pastor Chris Oyakhilome worked at Late Archbishop Bension Idahosa faith bookshop in Benin when he was young and Late Archbishop Bension promise to visit him at BLW in March 14th but passed on to Glory on March 12th.

3. They Both have an Addicted/Faithful servant as their Vice president.

Both men of God have an Addicted follower as V.P even before they started their full ministry.

Bishop David Oyedepo has Bishop David Abioye whom he met when he was 16 years in Kwara and as being a faithful follower till date and even Bishop Abioye called Bishop Oyedepo his life mentor. 

WHILE Pastor Chris also met his Faithful and relentless follower Rev Tom since when they were in high institution. 

Rev Tom was the Choir Director then and they are still together till date.

4. They are both in Forbes Riches Pastors and Most influential people on Earth

According to Forbes, Bishop David Oyedepo is the world richest Pastor with a lot of assets and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the 3rd Richest Pastor in the world with alot of assets too. Both men have made impacts in their various institutions.

5. They both contributed to the growth of Benson Idahosa University.

it was gathered that when late Archbishop Bension Idahosa passed on to glory, Bishop David Oyedepo paid all the salary of staffs at Benson Idahosa University for a year and recently dedicated the legacy campus also WHILE Pastor Chris Oyakhilome donated 1 Billion Naira to construct the Faculty of Engineering of Benson Idahosa University at the legacy campus. The faculty was named after him.



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