One day, a young lady told her roommate that she was going to study at the Library.

She got off to an early start, so she could get back home earlier.

On her way to the library, she met an old-time Secondary School mate who she decided to make some gist with the reason being that it has been a long time.

While conversing with the old friend, she remembered she didn't take the library permit with her. This means she has to get back home for it. 

She based her friend goodbye after exchanging contacts with each other and reluctantly, she left for home.

One hour has gone and she is yet to achieve anything.

When she got home, her roommate had already gone out, on this note, she have to wait outside for her since she is without a key which would have granted her access into the room as she already misplaced hers.

"Hello...Where are you?" She inquired.

"I am at the Tailor's Shop next street. Come and get the key". Her roommate replied.

She hurriedly headed for the place and later arrived home with the key after she has spent some minutes chatting at the tailor's place.

On her arrival, the plumber was already waiting to fix a broken pipe in the Kitchen.

She definitely won't leave the house all alone to the plumber, so she waited.

Before she could realise what was going on, it was already 3:00 pm.

"I won't go again. Before I get to school, the time would not be enough to cover anything. Let me read at home" She decided.

She resort to this last decision but was she able to read at home? Capital NO.

The neighbour next door is in a celebration mood and the noise from the music would not let her concentrate.

This was how she killed her day!

Like the young lady, is it not strange that we can wait to do something for a long time and never get to it?

Is it not a thing to be concerned about? 

How that distractions and all forms of excuses tend to always get the best part of our daily lives?

It is time to stop beating around the bush.

It is time to stop wasting time on pointless activities.

Life is embodied in time. 

A time killed is a life killed.

Whatever kills the time, kill a life.

That indecisiveness, procrastination, too much sleeping, doing the right things at the wrong time, inclination to chatting e.t.c are all killers of time. 

Sometimes, people drift through life.

They do things because others are doing it, they tend to proceed through life without having a map out a plan which would serve as director and they always give in to life excuses.

They fail to remember that any time wasted never remain unused.

They would make the gist and do other pointless things they never planned for initially.

Just like the parable of the talents, what the individuals do with their time was revealed by time.

Many things have been committed into the hands of each man. 

But.....they all required the time factor to make them fruitful. 

If our lives must be fruitful, we must be faithful to the time at hand.

Life is all about the process but some men never get to engage in that process.

It is beyond making resolutions and plans.

With that which we have in our hands, we either belong to these categories of men on earth.

√Those who have gone through the process completed that which is at hand and are zealous for MORE.

√Those who have completed the process (completed that which is committed to them)  but are in a state of satisfaction.

√Those who have halted the process.

√Those who are still in the process.

√Those who have not even started at all.

Where do you belong?

Where do I belong?

This is a fresh page,  it is not a year to be complacent about the things of life.

It is not a year where you won't get clear on your values and goals.

It is not the season where procrastination becomes the order of the day.

It is time to do that which  Apostle Paul do in Philippians 3:13 "Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,"

Don't be satisfied with the past achievement nor is it advisable to remain convenient in that state of little.

There is MORE.



Welcome to the great season!

Faith Agi.

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