Please excuse me,

Whatever you are doing to keep your marriage flourishing with love, joy and happiness, please continue doing it no matter what people might say, no matter the funny names people might try to call you, only you know how your act of service and humble nature is keeping the peace in your marriage, keep going.

You don't have to tell anyone your marriage secrets.

You don't have to tell anyone the secret things you are doing in your marriage to keep malice, anger, unforgiveness and bitterness far from your home.

Keep quiet and continue serving each other with love.

If you are the husband helping your wife in washing the dishes and it doesn't matter to you, it doesn't bruise your ego, your marriage is still blossoming, please don't listen to side talks about how men should be Kings in their home, enter the kitchen proudly and do what makes Jesus happy in your marriage, no one needs to know, it's not their business.

If you are the wife who kneel to serve your husband's meals please continue kneeling very well if that makes you happy and brings honour to your marriage. Don't pay attention to other women's gossip about how in this age wives should be rubbing shoulders with their husband. You know what God has called you to do in your marriage, you know the assignment on your shoulders in the life of your husband, kneel with your CEO status and serve his food, continue kneeling with your high flying career woman status and greet him if that is sustaining the joy in your marriage. No one needs to know, it's not your business.

If washing your wife's underwear gives you a sense of service please continue washing it very well, you can even add hypo. It doesn't concern anyone.

Let them call you a fool for serving your wife when the expectation is for you to LORD over her.

Let them call you a MUMU for keeping quiet and apologising to your husband over a misunderstanding when the expection is for you to return tantrums in double measures.

Your parents don't have to know that you are the one feeding the family because your husband is temporarily unable to dispense cash. If that is holding the forth and the joy, keep going dear Supernatural Wife, while trusting for things to get better.

Avoid listening to people who try to create expectations and laws around your marriage for you. There are no standard commandments for this covenant. Every marriage is unique as Christ has put His own mandate on it.

Today my wife went to the market and bought this bag of rice, I came to the gate and helped her to carry it on my head proudly. Yes, this is Papa Allison, this is Pastor Allison who shows up at meetings with protocols, if I don't tell you, you won't know.

Make sacrifices to keep your marriage joyful, okay? No one has to know. 





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