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Bro Edison walked out of service today because the prayer session they were meant to give him was exchanged by the pastor for recognition of dignitaries.

So you mean, he won't have a picture to post.. He vowed never to come to the Church again because to him it was obvious that Pastor didn't Want him to rise and at such terminates every opportunity for him to demonstrate that which he has been cooking in the secret.

What? .. He changed Church?

Yes he Did.

Bro Edison.. If you are looking for stage to preach go and start evangelizing.

Mount your pulpit in that market square and pray for people, nobody will chase you.

Bro Edison, instead of crying for microphone in Church .. Why dont you go for morning cry instead.

No body will tell you "Time up!"

No body will exchange your slot.

Bro Edison, instead of walking from one Church to the other looking for where they will give you prayer leading slot why don't you go on alone prayer walk.

Bro Edison, the Light you want to shine won't be appreciated in light, but in Darkness.

Just in case you are Bro Edison..

If it will come, it will come

The Harvest is plenty but the labourers are few [John 10:2]

Seek ye first The kingdom of God and not the platform of men.

Plant and build form.. Stop looking for platform


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