ITS A SIGN! _ Ugee Royalty

 I noticed in wrestling that anyone without the championship belt will never attract an opponent to himself. Everyone wants to challenge the superstar with the championship belt 

Even in football matches,have you also noticed  that every one wants to tackle the one with the ball ⚽️. No one bothers you or sees you as an object of challenge until the ball gets to your feet

Same applies to life my friend 

People will never see reasons to fight you unless there is just something exceptional about your life and destiny 

The devil won’t keep unleashing his tactics on you if there was no grace, anointing or prophecy over your life.

Are you experiencing different shades of trouble on a regular ?

It’s a sign !

That you are not ordinary 

Rise up !

You have a name to defend

You have a destiny to fulfil 

You have a generation to deliver and all must be done at all cost.

Grace !!!!

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