While I was in primary 3 at Evangel Nursery and Primary School Abakaliki, my P.E uniform had to be replaced by my parents because it was bad.

So my parents got me a new one πŸ€— .

That faithful morning putting on my White polo trimmed with red on my sweet short pants (Nika) with a big smile on my face, my father wanted to spoil my morning, he called me and warned me not dirty the cloth that day since it's my first day on it (that's to say I should sacrifice my play for that day). 

Well, I heeded the advice but something happened,πŸ€”πŸ˜² 

I was innocently running to the classroom after a certain lesson outside the classroom, lo and behold, Γ§hai I fell so woefully on the ground after kicking my leg on a stone πŸ˜”πŸ˜₯ . 

My cloth was still neat just that my stomach region was stained, just round like a ball.

I still stayed neat until my friends started making fun of me that my clothes were dirty already why still stay away from playing with them,

 I thought of it and I saw reason with what they were saying πŸ˜‚ and boom Koko don start to play and finally the clothes were now seriously stained...

Well to be continued 🀐🚢🚢

(come to my DM and I will tell you what happened when I got home πŸ€•πŸ€•πŸ€• )

I know you will be wondering wetin concern Koko's school uniform concern Virginity πŸ€” 

But it's the only analogy of what I want to say,

***The new school uniform is the gift of virginity,

***My father's warning is the moral standard that one has to uphold to keep his/her virginity. 

***But then the fall that stained my cloth is the fall that made you lose your virginity - to some they were raped πŸ˜₯, to some, they are manipulatedπŸ˜₯, to some, they were deceived by the need to belong to a system they thought was light, to some it was there own desire and will to do it willfully, to some it was the eagerness to have the experience,

***My dear the reasons are Long but let me stop here  that moment when my friends came to talk me into playing because already I was stained is that moment when the system beckons on you to move on with activating your sex life since you have lost your Virginity, the system tells you that there's nothing to keep again  


***I joined them to play therefore it represents the moment you say Yes and fall to their deceitful teaching...πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

Ok, I Know sometimes you ask yourself why to stay without sex after the first blood has been drawn? 

Why live a sex-free life when you know already you aren't a virgin? 

Why are you even talking to young ones about the importance of being a virgin ?... if you know that much why aren't you a virgin? (Hmm)

Sometimes you are so confused because it doesn't make sense times when you visit your boyfriend and he asks you for sex and you say "No"  until you get married" meanwhile you told him already how you gave the virginity out to another boy (Maybe willfully or ignorantly) oga will be so pissed off and might even be tempted to ask you why you are being so uptight even though you are not a virgin. 

I know it sounds so foolish to say "No"  to premarital sex especially when you have had the taste already 😏...

I know many questions come to your mind especially when you are not a virgin ...

And sometimes you are tempted to let go but I bring you good news, 

Listen, beloved

I don't want to know why and how it happened that you lost that which you cherish so much πŸ’” but the truth is that you can't see yourself less because of one mistake or one wrong decision you made. 

Letting go of your dignity because of one incident is a weakness and it's also proof that your past still has a better part of you, and you have to let go of that painful experience and focus on your future.

I know sometimes the way the society will adore virginity you will feel you are worthless once you have lost yours. 

Am not necessarily here to encourage more mistakes but to beckon on you to come back to your self-respect because you are still beautiful, Adorned and most respected for who you are.


See beloved you can't necessarily share the whole fruit in the basket because one that fell out and you were warned seriously to bring back 50 pieces of apples given to you, you have to take back the 49 because it shows you are still accountable and responsible though you lost one...

Your Virginity is not all that makes you a Good Wife, there are other virtues, you have lost one of them, so don't lose yourself while trying to make up for lost time

Brace up, you are better

You are better than your mistake, you are stronger than your flaws.

My "virtuous woman" oh you are surprised I called you a virtuous woman?.yes You are, you are not disadvantaged, 

You can Still become that proverbs 31 woman you have always dreamt of being. 

You can still marry that man of your dream, see let me tell you if a man mocks you about it, he is not worth the woman you have become after dealing with that setback...

MyVirtuouss Woman

You are strong

You are bold

You are beautiful

You are adored

You are respected

For everything God has predestined for you will still come to pass...

You may be broken but not destroyed πŸ’“

Let this pain lead you to Christ




©️ InKSpiration



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