ARTICLE: GUILTY OR NOT? by Peculiar Emmanuel



Here is  the story of this young man who was a known preacher saddled with the demonstration of Diverse miracles.

He was known as one of the best preachers of Purity.

But, he had an issue. The man was lost in lust.

Deep into the act of masturbation.

He trusted God to help him for 17 years and finally it was as though God answered him. 

At least for 2 years he stopped masturbating.. this made him preach purity more, with energy and assurance of which, many were liberated.

It was recently in the Hotel he lodged after a service of Purity, where he preached to the Church how he was liberated from the act of masturbation...that he found himself in the act again.

Staring right at the mirror, he  felt down and ashamed.

A lot of voices in his head.. "After 2 years, here you are again"

 "What will your mentees do if they see you as dirty as this" ...he broke the mirror immediately, took a piece and slit his throat.. Yes, sadly.. He died.

Beloved, What is on your mind?

Don't tell me you are about judging him..

Someone will be like...

"why did he appear before his time?" 

"why didn't he work on himself before preaching?" 

"If he knew God, he wouldn't kill himself"

"Chai, its not good to preach what you are not"... Comrade, Calm down!

The persons who are condemning him, are in one sin or the other.

Possibly telling lies..

Living in anger or pride e.t.c, and still they carry bible to preach.. But because its an act of immorality, the young man is a "bad sinner" and they themselves are  maybe " good sinners".

The liar has forgotten that the Devil is the father of liars , but he condemns a Thief because the Bible addresses the devil as "The thief".. Who is deceiving who? are you both not relatives?

A sinner condemning a sinner for sinning differently!

Guilty or not guilty?

We should all cry to God for help.

There is no perfect man, but there is a perfect God who makes things beautiful & perfect in its time.

Did you fall?.. Why remain on the Ground? Why give up?

I don't think God told you he hates  you, he only hates what you did.

He loves the Sinner and hates the Sin.

This message is to the one who feels he is guilty and to the one who feels he is not guilty.. 

" Helpless, is any man who God has not helped" 

This is the same tool this man would use in liberating preachers who live in this sin, but he took his life.. Who knows how many peoples liberation was tied to that story.

Don't abort your process and don't talk someone into aborting his process & story

You don't know the generations you are putting at risk if you do so.

I write to you

And I write to me..

Guilty or not?

G O D   H E L P   M E !




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