While I was a teenager, I started writing my ICAN examinations. ICAN is the highest accounting professional examination in Nigeria. (All you proud ACCA people don't drag me ooo)

The examination can be very tough in our days so I spend so much time reading.

In order to cut the cost of tuition and accomodation, I decided not to attend lectures again for the examination. Rather I used the little money I got from home to buy text books and read them myself all over and over again.

Sometimes we read for over 18 hours a day. We don't have time for socialisation, we just keep reading.

We forget to eat while reading and sometimes beaten by mosquitoes. But we just kept reading.

After the examination, I came home and discovered my mum was not feeling fine.

In those days, I was the hand bag for my mom, she takes me along to anywhere she's going. She told me to walk with her to the hospital. I innocently agreed.

When we got to the hospital, she went into the doctors office and had discussions with him.

Few minutes later, she called me in just to exchange pleasantries with the doctor.

When I got to the doctor's office, the doctor took one look at me and called 2 nurses.

He told the nurses "take this boy, give him a bed"

Ahhh, I protested "but I am not sick, I'm alright"

I faced my mother, "mummy tell him now, I am not sick, I just walked you down to the hospital"

My mum was just looking at me.

Despite my protest, I was admitted to the hospital that night.

I was placed on drugs and drips.

By midnight that same day, I felt so sick and I had to spend 3 days on admission before I was finally discharged.

My mum knew I was about to fall sick as soon as she saw me back from my examination.

She knew I will argue with her if she asked me to go to the hospital, so she just asked me to walk her down to the hospital and handed me over to the doctor. A man I can't argue with.

Treatment started early enough, if not, I probably would have fainted at home.


We all need to surround ourselves with those who won't hide the truth from us. Those who will take bold steps to save us from destruction.

Any Christian friend who allows you to get cold in Christ is an enemy in disguise.

Any Christian friend who makes jest of your desire to be better in Jesus is an enemy of your soul.

Get out of the congregation that can't see when you begin to backslide because till you get lost finally, no one will confront you.

Those who accuse you of not praying, not reading the Bible, not living Holy enough are the true friends who wants to see you make heaven.

YOURSELF, are you the kind of friend that will drag your backsliden friend back to Jesus or are you the "mind my business" kind of Christian.

Will you ask your friends to follow you to  doctor Jesus or you only invite them to parties, clubs, praise dance nights and money matters?

Are you the kind of friend that would keep on labouring over the souls of those around you or you are actually leading them to hell?

When some of your friends decided to grow deeper in God and stop drinking alcohol, did you support them or you discouraged them?

When that sister decided to sacrifice some of her revealing dress just to serve Jesus more, weren't you part of those who discouraged her?

Do you celebrate the fall of a believer instead of calling on doctor Jesus?

Be like my mum in my story, as soon as you see one of your friends turning from the faith, go into doctor Jesus's office and plan how to win such soul back to healthy relationship with God.

Be a soul winner not a church conductor. A person can be won to your church and still be lost to God.

God bless you

Femi Oluyamoju

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