The Fire Of Jesus.

I Am Here To Receive Jesus, I Saw Him In Your Eyes


One Time, Reinhard Bonnke And His Instrumentalist Needed A Piano So They Went To A Music Store, Then A Guy Came Up To Them Looking All Shattered And Messed Up, Crying And Weeping And Then He Said "I Am Here To Receive Jesus, I Saw Him In Your Eyes." 

Bonnke Looked At The Man And Said "Get On Your Knees, Repent And Call Upon The Name Of Jesus And Receive Him." 

Later That Day, Bonnke Was Talking To Jesus And He Said "Lord, How Did That Man See You In My Eyes?" And Jesus Spoke Back And Said "I Live On The Inside Of You And Sometimes I Like To Look Out Of The Windows."

May This Be Your Testimony! 

That Where Ever You Go Men Will Be Begging To Receive Jesus. 

Let It Be Said That When People Look At You, They See Jesus, They See The Fire Of God Burning. Let It Be Said That You Carry The Raw Power Of God,  That When You're Passing Men Will Want To Touch The Hem Of Your Garment, They're Trying To Get In Your Shadows.. That's The Same Power We've Been Told To Walk In. This Isn't Just "Bible Stories." 

 Get Out Of The Byway Of Unbelieve And Believe That God Wants To Do Something For You And Through You.

Let Us Pray....


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