(Ephesians 6:2-3) Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.
How long can I live on earth? The fear of untimely death has hunted man from the fall in the Garden of Eden. Since then man has been in diligent search for longer life without success. The days of man keep getting shorter and shorter as the earth progresses. From our today’s scripture you can live long enough to decide when you want to leave the earth. The key to long life is "Honour". What then is honour? Honour in its simplest meaning is the recognition of importance or spiritual value; respect. When you honour your father and your mother, two things happen:
1. It will be well with you. You will prosper, flourish in what you do, be success in life, achieve your desires, be protected and defended.
2. You will live long. Imagine how beautiful a place the earth would have been if many people lived long enough to give birth to their dreams. Even the bad people would have repented if they had lived long enough to know that evil does not pay.

God draws the map of your life by the relationship you keep not only with him but with your father and mother. David the last son of Jesse became a king and lived long enough to decide when he was ready to die because of the relationship with his parents.

1. His father sent only him to the bush to do the odd job and he went: OBEDIENCE.

2. His father let his seven brothers enjoy the comfort and protection of home and won't even call him when good things come to the family unless he is cornered, yet David would always obey joyfully: RESPECT

3. It is safer to fight with a man than with a lion and a bear but for someone you truly love you can risk your life. David fought a lion and a bear to save his father's goat: LOVE.

No wonder, though his father did not consider him fit to be king, he was God's perfect choice and did not die until he left a legacy that will outlive the world itself. Beloved, review your relationship with your father and mother today, it may hold the key to the many questions in your life now and in the future.

Meditation: The key to long life is "Honour".

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