Consenting means giving a "go ahead".

It means agreeing to something.

The principle or rule of thumb is that What you don't give consent to don't rule over you.

What you don't approve of don't prove you.

We see this played out in the garden of Eden which led to the fall of Adam and Eve.

The Life of Samson.

Samson wouldn't have lost his ordinance and purpose if he has held firmly to that which he shouldn't pour out.

Delilah only sought his consent and gradually he spewed out.

The reason for the continuous rise and fall is because many of us have approved certain things.

The reason the devil would throw that thought of failure at you and then it seems that it is coming to reality is that you have consented.

Proverbs 1: 10 make it clearer and specific " When sinners entice, consent thou not".

Does this mean sinners won't entice you? capital "NO"

The thought of failure, the thought of not getting to where you think you ought to be and so many other thoughts would not just come to harm a man unless he has first permitted them and thereafter allowed them to be accumulated.

What becomes of it all is that they grow up. 

They grow up to become something that would be needing a great deal of effort to deal with.

Nothing is as powerful as consent in the life of a man.

Wherever you are now or where you would be tomorrow point earnestly to your consent.

What you don't say Yes to don't become Yes in your life.

A better illustration; if a man proposes to a lady "Will you marry me?" if the lady refuses to say yes, the man has no power to force her to accept the proposal.

That is how it is!

If you don't say yes to fear, then fear has no grip on you.

if you don't say yes to vain thoughts and an unfruitful lifestyle, they have no hold over you.

This is an intentional period.

Let us set our lives apart and live in the order of God, not of men.

You are helped.

©Faith Agi.

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