I once spoke with a woman who was on a plane that crashed into another jet on the runway. This woman said that she was seated by the exit window on the wing. Just as she saw flames, the plane exploded! As she was thrown out the window, she grabbed her purse — that was the first thing she did — like “I’m going to save my purse.” Then she slid down the wing and said out loud, “Jesus, I’ll see you in a minute.” She thought she was on the brink of dying. Then she fell and fainted. An hour later she woke up on grass - alive.

The thing that impressed me was that she said, “Jesus, I’ll see you in a minute.” That is the reality of a person who knows Jesus Christ – they talk to Him! They know that He’s alive, know He wants to hear from us, and know that the moment we die we go straight into the presence of Christ. And then and there we shall see Him face to face. Isn’t that exciting?

Do you know that from your most mundane days to rare and scary emergencies like being in a crashing plane, Jesus is with you? I thought of all those people just before they crashed. Did they know Jesus? How many did? Were they prepared to meet Him? God never leaves your side! When you introduce someone to Jesus, you allow them to receive the gift of peace and joy of eternal life that comes with knowing Him. —Written by Luis Palau, 2021

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