Acts 16:16-18

We live in a world today where people no longer care about the voice of validation they hear behind them. Many have become extremely comfortable with sycophants. As long as what satan is saying does not explicitly contravene the truth, they don't have a problem with satan being around them.

In the Above verses of scripture, Paul exorcize a demon from a girl despite the fact the demon in that girl validated his ministry. Many of us today wouldn't have had a problem with that if we were in Paul's shoes. After all, it may be God speaking through another donkey, some would conclude.

But hear me, we must learn to think and act like God. God is not superficial, he looks beyond the surface in every circumstance. God is more interested in the spirit behind what is said than what is said. It's not about people saying the right things about you, it's about the spirit backing them.

To God, motive is more important than action. You can be right and be wrong. Communion is good, but Satan should not be the one serving it. You must carefully test the spirit behind the voice that is giving you validation.

Even when Satan is saying the truth, it is still a lie!

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