What It Takes To Conform A Man _Apst Edu

To Conform To The Image Of Christ Is Not Possible Until The Day Power Appears. Anybody That Tells You It Is Possible To Live The Character Of God Just Like That Is A Lie! The Character Of God Is Not Possible In The Heart Of A Man Until Power Comes. 

The Bible Said "That It Is God That Is At Work In Us Both To Do And To Will" If You Check The Word "Work" There In That Scripture, It Is Gotten From The Greek Word "Energio."  

Energio Is The Power That Has The Capacity To Conform You To The Image Of God. You Don't Know How Rebellious The Soul Of A Man Is, There Is No Discipline! There's No Words Of A Man That Has The Capacity To Cause You To Conform, It Will Take The Energy From Christ To Cause You To Conform. 

The Bible Said In 1Corinthians 2 It Said "God Has Made Christ Unto Us Sanctification, He Has Made Christ Unto Us Power" Somebody Say After Me "Power!".... There Is Christ The Power Of God, That Is What It Takes To Conform A Man. 

Have You Not Found Yourself When You Want To Stop Masturbating And You Cannot? You Even Listened To The Best Preaching And Then You Come And Cry At The Altar And Then You Leave And Continue The Same Thing You Cried About.. 

It Is Then You Know That It Takes Power To Cause Your Soul To Conform. It Is Called " Energio!"

Somebody Knows That It Takes Two Hours Night Vigil For His Destiny To Manifest For Him To Become The Man God Has Ordained,  But Once Its 12am You Sleep Till Five In The Morning And You Cry,  After Crying, Tomorrow You'll Repeat It.. What's The Problem? Say After Me "Energio."

A Young Man Is Looking At Himself And Knows That He Has A Calling Upon His Life But Masturbation Has Reduced Him To Tissue Paper, He Has Gone For Every Counselling And Nothing Changed, What Does That Person Needs? Energio!! For You Are The One At Work In Me Both To "Will And To Do." 

How Can You Be Looking At What You Need To Do, It's Not As If You Don't Know, You Know, Oya Do It Nah, But You Cannot, It Seems Like The Days Are Slipping Away As The Time Is Passing. 

You Want To Become This Kind Of A Man But It Is Not Happening, Then It Will Mean That A Power Has To Come!

You That Masturbates Even After Coming From Church, Oga,  God Has To Do Something To You Oo. . It Is There That I Found Out That Counselling Is Not Enough..

No Wonder Paul Cried "The Thing I Want To Do I Cant Do It, But The One I Dont Want To Do, That's The One I Do" There Are People That Knows What To Do Oh! You Are Angry With Them At Your Own Perile. It Is Not Like They Dont Want To Stop Masturbating But There Is Energio.. Say After Me "Energio." There Is A Specific Kind Of Power That  It Takes To Cause The Soul Of That Man To Conform To God's View Of Him, For God Is The One At Work In Me, Both To "Do And To Will."

You Have To Cry "Oh God, Energio, Energio, Work Again In Me, Work, Work, Work!"

Kambo Sabana!


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