This Terry-G you're seeing here 

Has ministered on RCCG redemption camp altar. 

And everyone was under the anointing. 

Ushers and members could not help themselves because a man who hand the clothing of God's presence called Terry-G was on the altar ministering. 


25 years ago, in that same redemption camp. 

As he ministered and the power of God moved. 

Pastor E.A Adeboye prayed for him and prophesied over him. 

And as his generation was waiting for him to become all that God said... 

The enemy was somewhere plotting everything that would make him become everything that God did not say. 

And 25 years later, that same man is now singing with naked women and men on the same stage. 

25 years later, that same man has edited 'God' out of his songs. 

Did you not see it? 

These are some of the people that were prophesied... 

That would carry the fire of this end time revival to the nations of the earth. 

But the enemy found them on time and captured their hearts out of Zion. 

25 years later, we're looking for that prophecy now. 

We can only see it being fulfilled in a strange land. 

Sir...Whenever you have time, please pray for any man that has even if it's one strand of prophecy over his head. 

The Devil has not come to joke with them. 

Pray for anyone that's carrying this fire now...

The devil is not happy with them. 

Friend, the Devil is not coming to take away your destiny from you. 

He's only trying to make sure you fulfill it in a way that will make you an enemy of God at the end. 

So the Devil may not make you to start singing with naked women like our brother.... 

He knows that you will find out that he's using you... 

So he would look for another way that will be pleasing to you but displeasing to God. 

This man of God I called his name here, Terry-G, is one of the men that this last fire of revival should've been upon by now. 

But the Devil is fighting the will of God. 

You see, I don't know if you know how young men and women believe him more than they believe many prophets in our time. 

Could this be why the enemy went for him? 

So that generation will not believe God? 

Friend, can I announce to you that you too, you're one of those that God is looking up to in this time? 

Can I also beg you to please find time and start praying for yourself more and for all those prophecies over your head? 

Before they become untrue before your eyes? 

You've been busy with many things since this years... 

When would you also be busy with prayer so that those ancient mantles laying over your head will not be corrupted? 

Pray for : (GUC) Gift Ugochi Christopher , Theophilus Sunday , Joshua Selman, Jerry Eze, Femi Lazarus. , Pee Daniel, Revivalist Iyke Oriaku  Lawrence Oyor , Edu Udechukwu , Abbey Ojumo.

Pray for : Baruch Okeoghene , Gabriel Jasper , Ruth Chuks ... 

Pray for : Ernest UgonnaEzekwere, Praise George , MrGreat Chigbu , Nwala Justice Peter II , Evang Miracle Bruno , Nkemjika Egbuonu , Emmanuel Peculiar , Richard Onyeukwu , Princess Jemaimah , Bright Anyanwu , UkpoDaniel.

Please they are too many! I can't even type 1%.

But it is in my heart to mention names just for you to see how we do it in our place of prayer too.

Eternal blame may be on us if anything should happen to the oil on their head.

It is serious!

Whether you see their(your) names here or not...

Please pray for any man that God is using in these last days.

I have dedicated this to everyone trusting God for the last wave of the Spirit.

Those carrying this fire now, those waiting for it to come and those trusting for it to return!

Mention their names on the comment section.

We would be many! 

Let us pray!


@Kingsword AMADI  






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