The Man Of God, Is Equally Fighting For His Own Salvation || Apostle Johnson Suleman


We have generation of people that follow structure, that follow religion but they don't follow Jesus. They are not concious of Jesus!

Have you not seen workers in church, who have no salvation experience. They don't know what it means to be born again.

Have you not seen leaders in departments, leaders in church... when they talk, you are asking how did this one became a leader... There is no Jesus in their thinking. They are following the man of God, and not following the God of the man.

You see them following the man of God as a protocol..

Following the man of God as an Usher..

Following the man of God as a squard or whatever

Thinking that the man of God has the pen to the book of life. Not knowing that the man of God is equally fighting for his own salvation. And you are following the man without following his God. What a disaster!

Have you noticed that people that live closest to the church, comes late? Familiarity, they stretch their neck from their house to see if church have started. Not knowing that God position them there so that they will be among the early risers to start.




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