Satan Is Not Powerful - Apst Edu

 Remember The Scripture Said In Revelation5 vs 4 That "There Was No One Found Worthy"  Actually Satan Appeared oo! I Hope You Know? Some Of You I Don't Know Why You're Afraid Of Satan, Me I'm Not Afraid Of Him, Because On This Day, They Told Him Come And Collect, That Is The Same Man That Desired The Throne Of The Christ, He Said "I Will Take My Throne To The Side Of The North And I Will Become Like The Most High"

But When The Day Came, When They We're Doing The Coronation Service, They Called Satan, Come And Collect The Seals, The Guy Escaped!

He Is Not Powerful! See, You Need To Come To That Point That If You Appear Satan Will Hide.

Where Was He When Jesus Was About To Climb? Jesus Kept Quiet, He Was Waiting For All The Principalities, He Was The Last Person On The Line.. Satan Was There, He Hid! The Same One That Said "I Want To Be Like The Most High" He Was Given The Opportunity And He Found Out That He Lacked The Stature! He Is Not Powerful! For The Lamb Has Prevailed!! When Jesus Was There, I Was In His Loins! Ayakatakuah!

It Is Only When Satan Sees You, He Will Want To Show Power.. When They Told Him "Come And Collect" He Chickened Out! 

I Am A Son Of My Father! If You Know That Jesus Carried You In His Loins During The Coronation Service, You Need To Vibrate For One Minute! 

Kabababo Shabradadadiya!......


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