We are fine girls!

And we are Church girls!

Ahaa!! Yes this is where our true beauty is radiated in the presence of our maker.

Where we forgot how much the wig on our heads cost because the oil we need to carry is costlier than the wig🔥

Where we are not ashamed if our foundation and concealer get smeared because if we don't build this foundation rightly in Christ there will be nothing to conceal🔥🔥..

Other ladies might be good at twisting and whining their waist to arouse men physically.... But we are also good at twisting tongues to arouse the spirit of men....

When you come close to us,we won't make  you lust,but you will want to get lost in God🔥

Some people will be like ahhh fine girl so you can pray too..And I'm like uncle I have to be prayerful so I can be sensitive and don't end up  like Tamar..

If I don't carry fire how do I plan on exposing the Haman's around and commanding kings like Esther did?

It wasn't only Esther's beauty that granted her access to the King's throne...she had been anointing herself🔥

If I'm not in a relationship with the holy spirit how do I intend to be wise like Ruth?

I'm sorry if it looks as tho we are carrying this Jesus on our head.

Don't be disappointed that we are not going about half naked , its is because we are in a bound with spiritual covenant..

Its not in our blood,its a waste of time,and there's no time to waste.. generations are waiting for me.

We are BABES

Beautiful Anointed Bold Extraordinary and Spiritual...

N.B: it's okay to look good and carry fire ..the both can work...

Cc: Abiodun Dammy.

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