There is not a man that is so confused as a man without an identity.

Why would I say that?

A man who lacks identity would not only do things the wrong way but would keep doing things he thinks he should do.

Identity is not a matter of feeling.

That you are not doing them is not a matter of whether you feel like doing or not doing them. What would makes you not to do them is because you have a conviction that guides you not to do them.

You are not behaving or trying to be someone else because you know you are unique.

Before we proceed, What is an Identity?

Identity means that which you are. It is not what someone thinks he should be but that which he ought to be.

The embodiment of something or someone. It did not only distinguish one man from another but also stands a map that helps guide one's life.

You don't need to be calling a Doctor a lawyer because something would different distinguish one from another and that is the uniform put in place to be used by the individual profession.

This subject might look so cheap to many of us but I tell you, many of the problems we encountered today as an individual or as a body boils down to this subject of identity.

Many don't even know who they are, many don't even know what God is saying about them per time, many don't even have direction. All that seems to run their lives includes the opinion of men, the suggestion and directive of men.

Wait, do you even know who you are?

Talking about Proverbs 31:1-4, we see how that King Lemuel was instructed by his mother not to give in to things that destroy him. 

This is not because he can't access those things or do them but by the virtue of his identity, he is not to do them.

Some things are not for you. Yes, others can do them but it is not for you because your identity detests them. 

What you should bear first in mind regarding the subject of identity is how you view yourself.

Looking at the picture, the cat was not seeing itself as a cat but a Lion. This would not only build its courage but would serve as a standpoint from it being limited by its outward appearance. 

This boils down to the fact that you don't judge your identity by what you appear to be on the outside. 

Look beyond your weaknesses, look beyond those pressing challenges.

What is God saying about you? Who did he say you are?

Perhaps, you have been seeing yourself as a Cat while you are meant to be a Lion.

Perhaps, you even know who you are but haven't been acting in alignment with that identity.

You have probably set limits for your life, meanwhile, God is saying you can do more through his strength.

Identity reduces stress, it reduces unnecessary pressure and burdens. It grants you access to that which you should do per time because what others are doing as at that time might not be for you. IT IS NOT FOR you because you have an identity so strong.

To tap into the limitless possibilities of that which God has set for your life, you must first know who he said you are.

Yes, we are a royal priesthood, a peculiar people, a chosen generation but what is God saying personally about you?

There are several questions on earth yet to be solved, each and everyone is a carrier of the answer to those questions at least one.

How can you answer questions which you have not yet familiarise yourself with the process which would set you to answer them?

This is embodied in your identity.

Who are you? 

The demons said to the Seven Sons of Sceva "Jesus I know, Paul I know but who are you?"

The demons are questions that should have been solved but due to lack of identity, the Sons of sceva were unable to solve them.

To have a standpoint in this race and to have something which you can hold unto, you must understand the process of identity.

In that identity lies your consecration.

The subject of consecration is all about SUBMISSION.

When we become submissive and obedient, it wouldn't matter if it is convenient or not. 

Do not forget this; any Identity outside of God renders whatever you do irrelevant.

He is the source of that identity and from him, you can fully know yourself.

Make a shift.

Faith Agi

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