_Benny Hinn came on board with this, Papa Uma Ukpai is the same!_

You have seen Pastor Chris demonstrating the power of God in marvelling dimensions... There is a game!

I know you like to play football

Maybe you like wrestling

To another, you like to play basketball

Guess what? There is a game God likes to play too, it is called HIDE AND SEEK! How do I know? Jeremiah 29:13 If you SEEK me, you will FIND me....

God is everywhere but He does not reveal Himself anyhow...

Men seek God to find Him...

If you have loved Hide and Seek(secret place) don't stop, you will soon meet God!

Here are some few men that played and play this game in our time...

In prayer meetings, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will come before the people that called the meeting, and will still be on his knees till they pray and leave the prayer ground in school.

They will meet him praying and leave him praying....

It was such an incurable addiction ....

You see, no one sees glory standing... You will see it kneeling and you will keep kneeling to keep seeing it.

I know you have prayed a lot but can I tell you? You have not prayed enough!

T.L Osborn went for a crusade someone and from the beginning of the meeting to the end, people were sleeping and nothing at all proved that God sent him to the people.

This was the same land where William Braham just came out from and blind eyes were opening like water! Wheel chairs were being rolled like nothing..

God so showed Himself strong in that meeting.... And T.L Osborn started asking himself what happened that he could not bring God to the scene himself!

This became his burden! 

He lost the desire to eat "If you can not help me to help my generation, I am of no use to them, take me"

He tied a chain round his waist and entered his room for 36days, his wife will shake the chain from outside to know if he was still alive....

He was crying to God! 

He was busy on his knees when many in his time thought he was wasting his time....

They were busy on the tv with expired messages and he decided to wait on God for something authentic for his generation....

After 36days, he came out and outran everyone that ran on their foot when he was busy on his knees....

Miracles were happening from the door of that room as he stepped out!

You see, if you don't wait on God, your generation is too busy to hear you... No one wants to hear what he heard before....

Many people are tired of rhymes and scheme and dramatic gesticulations....

They want to see 'God'.... 

Soon they will start leaving the big cathedrals where they are, to go to the place where a man who have found God is; the man may not know how to speak queen's English....

He may not even go to school....

Sir! People want to see God! And don't care the qualifications of who shows Him to them!

There is a price to pay! You can be that man in your time that brings Jesus wherever he is brought... Oh!

Maybe you are still following men up and down to give you handkerchief, heeeh! God is not too busy to give you Himself! How I wish you used that time to seek God, you would've found Him by now.

Throughout Apostle Babalola's Life, the shortest prayer he prayed whenever he was alone was 3-4hours.

He prayed sometimes for 52days stretch. This man was a ceaseless prayer man. 

He was once told to pray on and bless a new television because it was scarce those days and he laid hands on the television and prayed 3days nonstop in the Holy Ghost.

He was alive as though he was not a man.... He traveled to many continents with his prayer band for crusades without any physical transportation or even visa.... They disappeared at will at the commands of God.

He had encounters with the Lord physically one on one on several occasions.

This sounds like foolishness if we say it today... But we will not stop! Something greater is coming!

You see. God is not too busy to give you Himself but there is a price you must pay for that glory you have longed for...

A satanist once said he was approaching a territory and a huge fire from earth reached heaven so he conjured a demon to go check, the demon ran off, he sent another, the demon never came back. He now summoned Satan and Satan told him don't go there o, it's Kumuyi that's praying there that even he (Satan) cannot near there.

Sir, if you seek Him, you will find Him!

In the time of JOHN G LAKE, his signature was used to raise the dead on several occasions.... Signature!!!

How can you be alive and cancer kills people? How can you be alive and hepatitis kills people!

God is in the secret place! Hide&Seek!!!

There is a man, Uma Ukpai...a terrible fasting machine, he said he fasted to an extent in his life that Jesus came to him and told him not to fast again!

Some of these men lived as though they were not alive and they were men as though they were not living....

Paranormal! Supernatural! ...Immortality!

Brother! Sister! God is in the secret place!

There is a generation waiting for you... Would you meet them the way you are now?

Are you going to help them like this? 

God is in the secret place! 


My heart is burdened! 

Somebody who is willing! Let us pray!



Philip ojealao



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  1. This has blessed my day... Supernatural indeed