but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head—Christ— Ephesians 4:15

One mistake people make in the body of Christ, is forgetting that when you want to reveal a truth or correct a mistake,  or correct someone or even rebuke a person, it must be done only in love.As important as it is to speak the truth against a lie, or to correct or rebuke, it’s not any less important to do so in love.

In fact, love gives the Chris fragrance to anything we do. Correcting or rebuking outside of love is not Christ like at all. Especially when dealing with the brethren, members of the same faith, God’s own people, we must function towards them/us only in love. 

Don’t allow the passion to speak the truth or to correct or to rebuke overtake you and make you forget that the God you ultimately represent is love Himself.Doing so will cause you to misrepresent Him. Remember Moses when he came down from the mount Sinai with the tablets of the law which God had written ;

He saw the children of  Israel dancing to and worshipping other gods. He was overtaken with rage. He smashed the tablets of the law, written by the finger of God, and sadly, that had consequences. Though he was trying to correct the people, because he didn’t do so in love, God wasn’t with him in that action. We must choose to function only in the love of Christ. You’re blessed. TCF. 

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