1. Satan was anointed and in that position before you; he still envies your ministry and will want to show up through you! Beware!

2. Music is always beautiful and always attracts cheers and applauds; 

do all you can to subdue pride! 

3. Your skills needs godly character to make sense in heaven! The world and many churches however will careless about your soul, so long as you perform for them! Beware!

4. No matter how 'big' you get, heaven still expects you to have a church you fellowship as often as possible and a pastor over your life.

5. If the only time you express worship is when you're the one leading, you've left true worship and are rather a performer that is full of deadly pride!

6. As much as possible, be on time for any meeting; Are you not scared of keeping God waiting?

7. If you cannot sit down to hear the word preached, you're not qualified to minister, no matter how talented you are! It's not about your pastor but about the place of God's word in your heart! 

8. It's easy to be lost and yet anointed in your ministry! Beware and do not neglect your personal fellowship with God!

9. Sex and/or alcohol cannot be your booster! If you don't get fired up by the HolyGhost, you're a stamped candidate of hell! 

10. The marks of one who walk with God are Humility and Love! Allow God work them out in you! You may be slow but will definitely last and outlast those who neglect such virtues! 

11. Give offerings too and tithe! You're not exempted from such act of worship!

12. Don't miss heaven oh! 

It will be terrible to watch from hell and see saints singing your songs without you! 

From my Big Brother Pst Peter Jatto  ♥️

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