GOD IS NOT A HERBALIST _ Apostle Joshua Selman



Apostle Joshua Selman

Pray in the night, you are complaining

One hour you are grumbling

Forget about power

God is not a herbalist

Thirty minutes of praying in the Spirit

And you are dosing

No! You can't carry power that way

It takes a level of stamina that defies the gate of darkness

You must defy pain

You must defy excessive food

This eating like a fool that destroys people

You are on a mission going somewhere

If you cannot tame your stomach, you can't tame any demon

Eat anything anyhow saying am a human being, man must wack

Look at that kind of thinking?


If you don't conquer sleep, you will never host this anointing

This slumber and sluggishness and laziness

You stand to pray 10mins, you are snoring and sleeping

You can gist and gossip for one day, but to stand to do spiritual things, you are sleeping

And then the time for the Word of God

You open this Bible and you are yawning

You better cast that devil fast

It is a spirit

Your life is under attack - don't ever say it's alright, am just tired


Men are not anointed by luck

There is a price

Am showing you a bit of my private life, a bit of the price

You see that?

That's the reason why when people go through this, and you talk about them even in the secret, God punishes you in the open

They have established an altar through the blood that comes out of them

Blood is a sacrifice




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