BEWARE OF LISTENING TO UNGODLY SONGS_ Apst Johnson Suleman Speaks on Illuminati

 Please Beware Of Listening To Ungodly Songs🥺🥺 

Apostle Johnson Suleman-


Some of us have to be careful. Somebody comes out and sings a song that doesn’t make sense and people are singing it. Some people think that to be a good gospel music artiste, you must follow the way of the world. . 

Who says pure gospel songs don’t sell? Sinach is one of the most researched singers, she has over a hundred million views on her video going round the world. It is the presence of God on music that makes it go far.

The music of Charles Finney, the music of great people, till today are still relevant. “Trust and obey” hymn is over 100 years old, but anytime we lift up our hands and sing it, there is a presence it commands. “Amazing Grace” is over a century old, but whenever we release it, there is an anointing. “Just as I am” is equally old, but by the time we sing it, there is a power that comes.

Some of those songs were sang in the 18th century. A hundred plus years later, when we take the hymns we still lift up hands in surrender. Ask God to give you music (as an artiste). What makes you an artiste that stands out is divine presence. 

Every gospel artiste should ask God for a song. As you ask God, be patient. A lady said to me that she was in music ministry for 30 years before her voice was heard. You have to be patient. 

There are strange spirits that have entered into people’s houses because of the useless muisic they play. There are strange spirits that have fired certain kind of stupid thoughts that has weakend the fabrics of your defences because of the music you have heard. It has weakend your resolve and discipline.

All your resolve about life, the philosophy of that music has weakened it. It has made you believe certain things about life. Music moves people emotionally. There is a man in the American music industry who was a big guy in the music industry. They asked him how he succeeded, he said what they do was that when they do their song, his record label would ask for the raw files, collect it and after about a month, would give them back and tell them once they mass-dubb, he should bring it again.

They will take two or three and release it, he said in less than few weeks the hit will be explosive. When he became a believer, he started investigating and discovered that when they collected those raw files, they took them to an illuminati altar, dedicating them to strange gods.

Illuminati is a devilish organization. They can give money or fame but take your soul. Many world leaders today are in illuminati. He said what happened after the dedication is that the song will start spreading fast. In less than a month old and it is all over the place. It comes on people like a frenzy, like a spirit, and you will see everybody following it because it is spiritually controlled.

Any song that does not glorify or honor God, don’t sing it, don’t listen to it. Guard your spirit; guard your heart because this heart is like a tape recorder, anything that comes in is processed. 

There are songs that took people’s lives (inspired people to kill or commit suicide). Examples:

1. Triumph of death – 1984

2. Call from the grave

3. Night blood 

4. Lucifer rising

5. Christians to the bone. This one sounds nice, but when they display the pictures, it displays rituals.

Satan was in charge of the music office in Heaven, since God casted him to the earth he is now using the office to destroy lives.

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