I quote "Expecting a different result demands the application of a different process'. 

We can't expect to see changes when the same methods keep reoccurring and there is never a distinguish step to attaining such changes.

Saying that the "Prayer of the righteous avail much" is not just a saying but an affirmation that should stir up the Spirit of men who would see prayer as a course to live for.

We have made tons of complaints, we felt like things should have been better if someone else is there and we always keep blaming those that are there due to the more than enough expectations we have put upon them.

Note, our generation wouldn't be the first to undergo these seemingly difficulties and it wouldn't be the last but something can change with us, from us and through us if only we can see and understand all that is needed to be done to get things back on track.

There have been complaints everywhere, criticisms and blaming here and there. We keep blaming those we called the leaders and not sparing leaders in any setting. Daily, we have gotten more than enough reasons to keep blaming others for all the happenings. We are never out of reasons why they should have done better.

We have blamed everyone there is, except ourselves, for the tragic economic situation of the country, the deteriorating state of Christianity in our generation and failure arising in various spheres of life.

Now the question is: "Has anything changed from our tons of murmurings?"

If nothing has been achieved from all the complaints, blaming and murmurings, why then should we not try something different?

Why don't we look out for that which can be done to erase the error going on in the corrupted system since complaints have gotten nothing to offer us?

Nehemiah was a captive in a foreign land. As the King cupbearer, he has every reason to choose to remain in the palace for its splendour, yet his knees were easily bent to pray for the security of his nation. (Nehemiah 2:3-5).

He was at the palace, yet his heart was constantly drawn to the welfare of his people.

The souls of men become his priority and he desires to see the broken walls of Jerusalem re-erected.

He did not have to trace back the cause of that which led to the destruction of the walls. He wasn't concerned with who is at fault or who is not at fault and this led him to plead for God's mercy upon them as a nation without excluding himself.

He understands that if the problem persists and the needful suffers in his hands then he is nothing but a failure. Hence, he arose a man after God's heart to do that which is needed of him.

Noteworthy is that he didn't just get it right in place of communion with the Father, he back it up with actions.

Nehemiah was a pure example of a man called to service if he must be served.

He led a team to rebuild the wall and he was also part of the labourers. He was never there in his comfort zone giving orders to others. He led by example.

Is it not time to stop complaining and lamenting over the poor state of our generation?

What else would you do to bring something different apart from raising accusing fingers at the leaders for failure in their leadership seats?

There have been several unanswered questions and do you know what? Each one of us is an answer to such questions.

Locate that question that is linked to your life and give yourself out as an answer.

Look beyond the lens of our religious and political leaders for the causes of our problems and you would agree with me that the change starts with us individually.

We have called them failure but the question is: "Have I not been sleeping in my duty post?" or "What do you have to offer differently unto this generation?"

The same time we have spent pointing accusing fingers at others for whatever we are facing either as individuals or as a nation must now be utilized doing the right thing.

When Jesus said "The violent take it by force" (Matthews 11:12), he must have this generation in mind.

Only those that can war in place of Prayer would set many things in place.

Only those who can arise to take actions he earnestly seeks to walk with and work on.

A generation void of Prayer is a generation void of rehabilitation.

Check well; the generation of Daniel, Ezra, Jeremiah, Elijah and many other warriors and you would see their lives not void of Prayer.

The issue with our generation is not that many businessmen in regalia have taken over the pulpit.

The issue is not that we are being governed by men without ethics.

Can we not stop condemning one another as we work together for the course of Jesus?

The issue is with YOU; I am the centre of focus!

Have we not failed to take responsibility in place of Prayer?

If the men mentioned above thrive in their time, the secret is nothing other than their understanding of what believers' incense means and can do.

Jeremiah prayed and also arose to act by building the walls.

The challenges and checking points of this generation are indeed massive but you can do something just as I can too!

Your desire to start a ministry of your own might not solve the problem.

Your desire to establish another denomination may not be the solution to this problem, we have more than enough churches already.

Heavens are not interested in the buildings but in souls that are truly abiding and souls that would continue to abide.

Have you ever thought of reaching out to the widows, to brethren without clothing and other necessities of life, the sick, the broken-hearted, the oppressed, the abused, the rejected, the unemployed; sponsoring the education of the financially challenged in our gatherings, reconciling the divorced, building and rebuilding ungodly homes to become godly, strengthening the relationship of parents and children? 

These are silent ministries to explore, they are ministries without pulpit that we can use to bring people to God.

Ho! how gracious it would be if the church (bride) can live as it used to in the days of the Apostles.

Remember, it is the souls that count not the buildings or material achievements. Please think about this!

That pastors buy jets as though they are buying groundnut or that we have institutions where many of our members can't even afford them (based on your complaints), is never the problem.

The issue is that you should make a difference and set something that isn't right in its right course instead of complaining.

That little Prayer will go a long way.

Together as a body, something can be done.

No part is useless, we all are useful for this work. 

We can start from somewhere, make a shift!

LET US DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT if we want something different.

#Enough of complaining#

#Take your role#

#Let me play my part#

#Let us Pray!"

🖋️ Faith Agi.

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