I remember these words were said to me three years ago " Dear Life is Poco A Poco".

Do you know what that implies? 

A step at a time.

Yet, we see a prevailing issue and it is that many of us don't want to pass through life stages before we get on the STAGE.

The doings behind the scene are being greatly despised.

I tell you and I bring to myself this reminder, which is that; If there must be manifestations or results so evident enough and which cannot fade away, there must first be an investment put greatly into the place called *"Behind the scene"*

There is no point in trying to be someone else or trying to run ahead of someone.

Until you understand that life is not a competition but a vital lifetime commitment, you would not cease comparing your life with that of others and skipping stages.

Do you know what? The implication of this is that you would become half baked and irrelevant in the areas where these stages were skipped.

No wonder why Jesus Christ said to his disciples "The great commission"  not "The great competition".

Many of us have set ourselves up for competition today. Many of us have set aside that which is put into our hands, beholding that which is not our concern

but if you can see how great a unique being you are, you would quit the comparison as it is the main cause of a man skipping stages that are set for his life.

When you start analysing what men termed *" Achievements"* in the life of another's in comparison to yours, you tend to concentrate more on the things you lack instead of focusing on the things you possess to maximise them greatly.

As much as we desire greatness, let us subject ourselves to the things that bring forth greatness.


Avoid comparison, it only makes you see less of that which God made you.

Your life template is different from mine, mine is different from yours.

Pray this wholeheartedly "Lord helps me to understand greatly that which you have said of me and help me to WAIT indeed."

# Faith Agi.

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