Sometimes ago, a woman forced her irresponsible husband to my office. 

By the time the man shared his own story, I adjusted my chair. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

The man told me how he was forced into marriage by his wife. His wife was the one who fixed their wedding date, bought his wedding suit and shoes, rented the apartments they were living then, sponsored the wedding food and paid her own bride price. The only money the man spent during his wedding was to have his hair cut. 😳😳

They have been married for over 5 years but the man can't still love her. His wife still begs him to take responsibility as husband. 

Dear Singles, It is dangerous to force yourself on someone or marry someone who does not love you. When there is no love in marriage, the wedding ring becomes a little handcuff and your marriage becomes a prison yard instead of a paradise on earth.

A man who does not love a woman during COURTSHIP will find it difficult to cherish her after getting married. There are people who will never love you no matter how much you show love to them. That's the reality of life. Love is a choice. Don't force yourself on anyone. ☹☹

Don't keep fighting to be with someone who isn’t fighting to be with you, you can’t keep holding onto someone who is not holding onto you, you can’t keep planning your future with someone who doesn’t plan theirs with you, you can’t keep running back to someone who is running away from you, you can’t keep loving and caring about someone who shows that they no longer love you, and you can’t keep taking someone as a priority yet they are taking you as their option. πŸƒπŸ½πŸ˜‘

Trust me it’s a waste of time and energy. No matter how hard and hurting it is, you have to let go and open up a new chapter for your life. Because There are thousand of people who are praying and wishing to spend the rest of their lives with you! 

Why kill yourself over someone who thinks he/she is doing you a big favor by being in a relationship with you. 🀐

You deserve to be happy, loved and cared for not to be sad all the time, to have sleepless nights, to cry and plead for someone’s love. Think about it..... ✍

You have to be in a relationship in which you are loved, celebrated, honored and not tolerated. But until you let go of the wrong person from your life, you can't see the right person for your life. ❤

Dear Single, If someone you love does not show any sign of interest or commitment after all your efforts to win his/her heart, let him or her go.  πŸƒπŸ½✍

Sometimes, it is better to let go of someone from your life, to help him/her understand your VALUE AND IMPORTANCE in the future. And God sometimes removes people from your life to protect you. DON'T RUN AFTER THEM. You are a TREASURE

May You Not Fall In Love And Fall Into Trouble In Jesus Name!

Kindly share.... 

Note: This Message Is For Singles! 

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© Pst Samuel Olagbenjo

Photo credit: Minstrel Ruth & Evang. Isaac O. Sunday


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