Hear me, when tough seasons come, strength and capacity is what will take men through.

There are times you may not be able to pray but make sure you stay!

There are times you cannot explain to everybody, make sure you stay!

When your eagle is thorn to the core, when all you have held leaves you, please stand!

Having all to stand, please stand!

When your gift and the ability of the spirit upon your life is no longer appreciated, please stand!

When your loved ones who use to believe in you, now turn and says, look we even doubt if you are anointed, please stand, stand, stand!

It will cost you, you will have scars but stand!

This is how the miracle working power will come to the church.

This is how signs and wonders will be restored to the body.

This is how the prophetic will be restored.

This is the hallmark of the true apostolic ministry, the capacity to stand, stand!

You will listen to this message a thousand times, I promise you, it will go ahead of you.

A day will come, no other message will minister to you. you will hear this voice speaking in your dreams.

You will hear it speaking in your visions.

When you are about to give up, you will hear, please stand!

He said, fear not. Isaiah 43: I have redeemed you,

He said I have called you by name you are mine when you pass through the waters, I will be with you.

When you pass through the river, it shall not overwhelm you.

He says, when you walk through the fire it shall not burn you.

Do You want grace? This is how it comes!

Do You want power? I’m not just talking or trying to say I am anointed.

No, He said, let no man trouble me, I went through it. There is a scar, brothers and sisters.

Not every man speaks that heaven begins to back them up like this. There are scars!

I want you to hear this voice IT TAKES SCARS TO COMMAND POWER.

There are ranking and promotion in the spirit.

Hear me, when a man enters a new level of grace you will know.

When a man touches a substance that is heavenly you will know.

Truth of God's word

God is elevating men through this persecution but it’s not going to come the way you expect.

It wouldn’t come by clapping for you. No!

Your voice becomes like the voice of thunder when you have gained power in the heavens.

Though, weeping endures for a night, it says joy comes.

It will look like morning will not come.

Stand in the fire, stand in the heat, stand through persecution, stand through pains!

Stand is the birthing of anointing, the birthing of power, the birthing of glory.

For out of the shadow of your pain, His glory will arise

Out of your fears, an unction will come upon your life,

You may not be able to sing, but stand!

You may not be able to cry but stand!

You may not be able to pray but stand!

You may not be able to listen to any message, you will call your friend, they will run away from you,

You will call your family members, they will run away from you, but stand!

Stand in the threshing floor in the spirit, in the winepress in the spirit. Anointing is rising from that place!

The anointing, power in the spirit, unction, grace, mercy and apostolic and prophetic mantle will be your reward when you endure.

He said, that which I tell you, will the spirit declare thou upon the mountain top.

I have gone through my own.

In one minute, I like you to lift your voice and say “father strengthen me for the days ahead”, pray!

Strength, strength for the days ahead.

- Apostle Joshua Selman

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