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Title: Learn to distinguish Asset from liability.

A few years ago, in 1990 to be precise, Shina Peters built a house with N20 million naira; the same year Jim Ovia started Zenith Bank with the same amount.

Today one out of ten Nigerians has an account with Zenith bank, you may want to say a house is likewise an asset but in what sense.

A house built for commercial purposes could be a great asset but a house built for personal use could sum up to a great liability when a weird and huge amount is invested into it. 

Many of our grandma parents gigantic houses in those days are lying waste in the village today...

Zenith bank has spread its tentacles across Nigeria and today they have almost 500 branches. 

So many of us like to sow seed narrowly but the Bible taught us to sow at different times in different places as we have read about the sower, we should sit to plan and do well to have a long term vision while investing in a place of a short one that will fade and fail.

It starts from little things we count the less, some clothing is a liability while some are assets. The money some people are spending to adjust cloth is enough to buy new ones. Some cloth bought at cheap prices could also be an asset if it easily spoils or fades. It is better to have three quality wears than 20 that won't last a month.

Some shoes are a liability while some are assets. Be picky in your choices as these little things will reflect on your savings and expenditure. The way some of us visit cobbler for repair week in, week out due to cheap quality is alarming and the money spent on repair put together would have earned us a quality one.

At times, some things are not needed, we are just too carried away with trends and this could make one work but have nothing to show forth.

It is good to be discipline with finance, because spending money is easy, gathering it is the big deal.

Having a car is good but some cars are like a loophole, they take whatever comes in and keep the user in a circle...parabolating.

Having a phone is good but some phones are a liability, why use a phone that is taking your earnings but not getting better. It is better to discard such a phone than to let it become a money waster.

These days are becoming more logical as a Christian you should have an interest in finance.

Grow your financial literacy because money is needed!

Writer: Voice Opeyemi


Photo Credit: Pastor Adefarasin



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