What is the reason for your continual existence?

The buzzing sound of the ceiling fan without any possible doubt is the only thing that tends to break the silence in Eunice's room. The weather was a hot one and hardly would you believe that there is any form of ventilation in the room due to the way this mistress was sweating.

Deeply in thought, she heaved a sigh "Hmmm".

On norms, Eunice's day usually began like most normal days for an active young lady like her. Getting up to have her quiet time by 5:00 am, a quick shower, and a cup of tea while mapping out her strategy for attacking her day. 

She had to return some items to the departmental store, pick up a few groceries, stop at the dry cleaners, and make it to her dental appointment. This has been the way of living for this beautiful young lady except for weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) which she has decided to make work-free days.

The errands seem to take longer than expected- and she hardly has time to take a break for lunch. So, this fateful day she decided to stop in and surprise Benjamin at the office by taking him to his favourite Chinese take out-Mongolian beef.

As she pulled at the office parking lot, she saw Benjamin leaving the building & heading for his car with a young lady about her age. 

Eunice watched as Benjamin and the young lady brushed against each other as they walked. She felt her stomach tighten. Ben as Eunice does call him seems so engrossed with the young lady that he didn't seem to notice much else.

When they got to the car, Ben opened the door for the lady as he used to for Eunice and she hopped in. The young lady's approving smile reminded Eunice of the earlier days of her relationship with Benjamin.

She stared in disbelief. "This can't be happening to me". She silently screamed. "I have hardly recovered from the shock of mother's death". She wanted to scream, cry and throw herself up all at once. 

She felt powerless to stop the soap opera that was playing itself out before her eyes.

Now, she felt like a victim of a hit-and-run accident: dazed, bleeding and left to die alone.

It's barely a month that she lost her Precious mother to a terminal disease and here she is blindsided with the blow of betrayal from the man whom she loves & trusts the most.

If it were to be these two disasters only, Eunice could have pulled through but yet for another greater one that befell her. She had been wiped by the stripes of pain & disaster. To her, hope seems so far away.

It was on a fateful Saturday morning, Eunice finished washing her clothes & then went for her breakfast. Hardly had she finished eating when her morning was greeted with another news that left her bittered the more during a devastating moment of her life. What happened?

Yes, there was a fire outbreak, many properties were razed down including Eunice's small shopping complex which she overseer.

All these were the thoughts that were going through the mind of this young lady. "Hmmm," she heaves again while she continuously stares at the content of the bottle which she had placed beside the bed earlier.

She murmured to herself "I have nothing in life to loss again. I have lost everything that gives me hope and there is no more hope for me again.  I have lost my father and siblings to a road accident at a very tender age." she sulked and continued "I lost my only source of joy which is mummy to a terminal disease. Those I called my friends had deserted me right from the beginning of my troubles. I have lost the only man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with to a strange woman and now my only source of livelihood is gone". Tears roll down her cheeks.

The content inside the bottle seems to be Eunice's next choice or source of hope now.

As she continuously stares, she takes the bottle and affirms " No more reason to live".

And for the timely intervention of Miss Tinuke, Eunice would have taken the content of the bottle and she certainly would have wandered into the land of the dead to join them there.

Three years after................................................

Eunice is now in a new phase of her life. She just returned from an award-winning program organized by World outstanding speakers connect  (WOSC). She had to look around her life in awesome wonder as compared to the old disastrous life of.

She remembers the old times' memories of those trying times and how Miss Tinuke has been a saviour that fateful day.

She also remembers the words of that young lady that save her life then. 

Back then at the suicidal attempt scene. As Miss Tinuke entered Eunice room, she found the bottle already opened and the content ready to be poured into the throat of Eunice. She quickly took the bottle away from her hand without giving her prior notice.

Pained by the action of Miss Tinuke, Eunice has wailed and screamed at the top of her voice " Leave me alone, let me die"

"There is no reason to live". These were the words that came out from the mouth of a wounded soul that very day.

She recalled the words of Miss Tinuke. "There is reason to live ma. You have been endorsed for greatness and there is a purpose yet to be achieved. Taking your life now wouldn't stop anything or solve any problem. There is a reason for existence. And temporary pain, disasters or challenges shouldn't stop you"

Eunice also recalled that this young lady gave an approving smile of hope that fateful day while speaking. 

She had also invited her to a seminar which was the sole reason why she (Miss Tinuke ) was at Eunice's room at that very unforgettable moment of intervention. 

Looking around her office, she sees a variety of awards, a large frame hanging at the right-hand corner of her office wall was a picture of her husband, her one-year-old kid and herself. 

She gives this radiating smile to herself and declares "Surely, there is a reason to live and there is hope for the hopeless".

Looking into her wristwatch. "Oh, it's 4:pm" "This same seminar I attended long ago which mark the beginning of that new dimension in my life" she paused.

Then continue "Here, I am an invited speaker of the seminar. "THERE IS REASON TO LIVE".


Many of us like Eunice, have been drawn into the ocean of challenges, we have been blindsided by blows of betrayal from the ones we tend to love the most, we have been attacked by disastrous events, we have lost our loved ones to the fangs of death, we have become wounded, depressed and pained from the arrows of life. Even if we haven't experienced any of these which I doubt, we know of someone close who has suffered from the painful wounds inflicted by the storms of life.

As humans, we have to face one form of challenge or the other because a life without a challenge is a fraudulent one.

However, when these challenges come, when frustration comes, when setbacks visit and when weakness or failure set in, what a man needs to do is to firmly hold unto the Faith and trust in God.

Though it might look so much unbearable there has never been a situation too hard to be handled by God.

I want you to commune with your inner mind with words of encouragement, with words of hope and with words of life.

The problem is not in life throwing tantrums at us. But the problem lies in how we react to those things.

Recently, someone looked at me and said " Faith, Why do you always remain so unmoved amid challenges" I gave the best of reply according to the knowledge and understanding I have gotten. I said, "Well, the reason why I feel so calm is that I know and understand that these challenges can never and would never be greater and more powerful than my God". You see, that is it!

As simple as the above may sound, that has been the source of my strength so far and guess what? It has been working wonders.

I know at this stage of life, I have gone too far to give up.

You also can hold onto this, you can tell people that are suffering from one kind of unpleasant moment or the other that God is more than able to settle all that concerns us all.


How do you overcome unpleasant situations?

You overcome by not paying attention to the problems.

When problems are more concentrated upon, solutions become infeasible.

As long as there is a purpose yet to be fully carried out, then there is a reason why I should still be living.

As long as that which God has sent you here to do is yet to be fulfilled, then there is still a reason to live.

Live your life and make your hope come to reality, hope becomes a failure only when a life is terminated. 

Suicide is not an option, so keep a smile & exist to fulfil that purpose.

Isolating yourself is not an option, it only brings depression.

Transferring aggression to others is never going to solve anything.

At the beginning of this article, a simple but very important question was asked and the answer to it ought to simply hang around " PURPOSE"

If you are still breathing, then there is more to be done!. There is more to the reason you came here in the first place.

For the sake of purpose, no trouble should incapacitate you.

For the peace in Christ have thought you to say "It is well, it is well with my soul".

Your comment is very much important.

Sharing to bless someone is another part of this great move.

Remain blessed.

©️ Faith Agi.

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