What more can one say than to put in quotes "There is power in persistency!"

As you make this journey of life, you must understand that there are certain locations and destinations you must get to before you will receive that which you are meant to receive.

If Elisha has accepted when his master said to him "Stay here the Lord has ordered me to Bethel" he wouldn't have received that which he ought to receive.

If Elisha has counted the cost of the journey and remain in his comfort zone, he wouldn't have received that which he received. There are places which you mustn't stay if at all you wanted to get something added to your life.

Elisha didn't just prove his determination by following his master from Gilgal to Bethel, he also shut the mouth of those who have made themselves instruments of obstruction and frustration.

When they got to Bethel, the prophets tried to divert the attention of Elisha. Possibly, they thought they can stop him from following his master by giving him the information.

But to their disappointment, the man Elisha said "I know, hold your peace"

From Bethel to Jericho and there in Jericho, he met another set of Prophets who also did the same thing the prophets at Bethel did. Yet Elisha wasn't moved by any of these. He already signed up to see the end of it all, so he followed Elijah passionately.

When they got to Jordan.

At Jordan, 50 Prophets were watching. They were watching earnestly to see the outcome of Elisha's Persistency and Determination.

One might have said "Let us see what will become of all his labour"

At Jordan, they(Elisha and Elijah) did the crossing. The crossing over leads Elisha to the taking over.


In this life, you must understand that many collections are connected to a certain destination and until you get to such a destination, you may not get that which you ought to get.

Maybe, you have taken off from Gilgal and on your way, you have thought it best to quit going further due to some circumstances that lay wait on the way.

Probably, you have gotten the impression of returning to remain in your comfort zone so that you don't have to face the agents of obstruction at the next destination (Bethel). Do you know what? 

This is where you must build up more passion for the journey. 

On your way to Bethel!

You must know that at Bethel there are agents of distraction and frustration and you must be ready to face them squarely. 

Probably, you have started the journey already. It can be the journey of a career, business, family, Ministry and now it is looking like you shouldn't continue again, this is where you have to tighten your belt the more. Persistent is power!

Also, you must understand that the agents of distractions don't just appear once in a lifetime. Therefore, you must be prepared to overcome them as you Journey through. They appeared to Elisha twice on his journey to taking over and he did overcome. You too can overcome!

Frustration, Challenges & Problems will come but your determination and zeal to get to the destination set for the collections will help you overcome them.

At the peak of your reception, people will be watching closely to see if your efforts will become fruitful or void. 

Here, you must never be intimidated by their suggestions, opinions or complaints. The assurance you have gotten at this peak is that you will surely receive something at the destination through the seed of determination, Persistency and Commitment you already sowed on your way from Gilgal to Bethel, From Bethel to Jericho (City of Obstacle) and then to the bank of the river Jordan.

Perhaps, you have been praying and you are yet to receive an answer to the requests and petitions, tarry more until you cross over the river Jordan.

Probably,  they have to ask you to give up, giving you every reason to make you withdraw your intention of getting to that final destination. Make them know that there is a reward for your labour.

People have given you reasons why you shouldn't continue serving God again, let them know that the result speaks better and louder than every tribulation you might be facing now.

Life is about a step at a time. The journey is not always going smooth but you can scale through the toughest of its road through determination.

Many things might have tarried but trust him to take you to that expected end, trust him to give you the strength to scale through all those seeming difficulties and trust him to help you out of every situation that looks so much demanding.

It was never a smooth one for Prophet Elisha. Yet, he pressed so much that he got to the destination and received the folds of that which he was to receive.

There is always a reward for those that get to the final destination.

Be patient, a few steps further, you will get across River Jordan.

#Life is a step at a time#

#Wrong destination, wrong collection#

Faith Agi.

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