It was 4:16pm,I and Hygi stepped out to take pictures;I mean I looked so gorgeous on my Sunday outfit and couldn't risk the opportunity of not taking beautiful pictures. I was so happy that the sun was shining so bright , which simply means the pictures will come out bright and clear.

Hygi took the first shot,then said "ewo,your sun has gone". I felt so sad immediately, the picture energy was nowhere to be found.

I Looked up to search for the sun, ahh behold a beautiful view,the sun was behind the cloud. I shouted," Hygi look up!! . She looked up and was so overwhelmed,she started taking pictures of the hidden sun.

I kept on looking at the sky,a million things went through my mind;I was able to pick up one thing *A hidden light* .

I never knew a hidden light could be this beautiful.

I said to myself I am light,but should I go into hiding so I would be this beautiful

In the middle of my thoughts,I was ministered to; a question popped up in my heart.

Do you know where light comes from or where darkness lives?

It made me think again.

As children of God we shine always,we don't go dim because our father is the king of Light.Sometimes our Father shields us,so that we would be sorted after,just like we looked for the sun,just like a burning candle in a box,you won't stay there for long, everyone will want to know what is inside.The sun wasn't hiding,it didn't shift from it's position,the cloud moved towards the sun.

Sometimes God shields us from unnecessary attention, because obviously light is attractive, nevertheless when you feel dim,check yourself spirtually and ask God questions if he is really the one shielding you or you are drifting way from the light,he will answer.

 Prov.13.9 - The light of the righteous rejoices, But the lamp of the wicked will be put out.

Keep burning

shine forth

 Enna 💎



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