A guy and a lady were in  courtship and the lady asked him ,bro why do you want to marry me? Out of all the ladies in your network, why me?

The guy said " I want to marry you for the sake of my Ministry.I see that you are a ministry material. (He saw that the lady could sing.)

That Courtship went through a turbulent time ,why? the guy was so engrossed with ministry and forgot about their union.. He had forgotten, that the  ministry and the man are different. 

He never cared about the lady's emotions all he cared about was his calling and ministry.

He never had it in mind that he is a "man" before "of God."

I read this also in one of Pst Kingsley Okonkwo's book.   

"I once heard that a pastor’s wife; a senior pastor’s wife  came to the church with her luggage and her two   children and stayed on the altar. When asked what the issue was, she said, “I want to marry this man preaching.” Of course people were amazed because   the man preaching was already her husband and she  his wife. She said, “No. The man preaching here is  very nice. The one at home is very wicked. This is the  one I like and I want to marry him.” It might sound   funny but it’s true!   

A husband was asked in a couples program one day why did you marry your wife ? and he said because she is financialy empowered. 

To cut the long story short.When the wife became financially dis-empowerd the Marriage collapse

Some of you ladies in the house, you are running after that guy because you like the kind of ministry he is doing;( youth ministry,Singing ministry, abi because he is a preacher.  Ask yourself ,is it the ministry you like or the man of the ministry?

This is a take home for you. The   ministry and the man are different. The man on the   pulpit is different from the man at home. When  he is on the pulpit he is a Man of God .When he is at home ,he is a lover and a husband. So you must strike the balance.

Warrior Queens and kings , One big question you must ask during your Courtship is Bro why Me?  Sis why me ?Why do you want to marry 

 You need to know why you are marrying him or why  he is marrying you, so you could know the things to  boost  and things you need to work on.

Listen, you will be supprise to know   many and different reasons guys and lady  marry ,some for the sake of money ,some sake of  beauty ,some  shape and breast .  Some out of sexual urge. Some because of age. All these are ephemeral things and can fade away.

If these are reasons why you go into marriage ,that marriage will not last and could crash .

 So it is  important that you  know WHY.

 If you find out that the  reasons are not sustainable, and you still decide to carry on with him/her you are already    setting yourself up for failure.

  It must be about your qualities,  and values that you  stand for ,it must be that you are going the same way and heading the same direction .Not just because you are   gifted or talented in certain things or are beautiful. It    must be about your character because that is what will  sustain you in the long run.

You can say this prayer loud and clear.


©Grace Diyaolu



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