On our way out I noticed her bra strap was popping out of her beautiful dress and I called her attention to it. The only way I could have known that it was not right for her bra to pop out of her dress is because I know how ladies wear that kind of dress. 

"Don't you have a tube?" I asked. Because I know the best way to wear the dress is with a tube bra that doesn't come with a strap (I can't remember what it's called πŸ˜€πŸ˜€) 

Uhmmm what do we do about it now? Okay hold on let me pin the strap to the dress and hide it. 

So I got a pin and handled that department very well like I have done it before 😊😊. Or maybe I have, remember those times as little boys when Mom will call us to help her zip up her dress, or hook her bra strap behind. Hehehe, we had no idea there were very good rehearsals for marriage. Sometimes mom will give us her eye pencil to go and sharpen. I remember when my mama used to give me her wig to brush. Those times I used to think, "what? I am not a girl". But far from being of help to her it was a training in disguise. For the brothers that didn't experience this I don't envy you at all. 😊😊

Okay so I handled her bra strap popping out with a pin like a pro and I saw the happy, impressed look in her eyes. Before then she asked me if I can cross her bra behind to make it look like a design, I said "yea, I can even zigzag the bra behind if you want." Dont try me, I'm a BRATOLOGIST πŸ€£πŸ˜€πŸ€£πŸ˜€πŸ€£

Guys, I just want to share some VERY weird but necessary skills you need to learn to be a great help to your wife as you walk towards marriage. 

#1... Learn some simple bra hacks, like me, a pro.🀣🀣 learn to cross multiply a bra🀣🀣. These are things the Bible won't tell you but I know the Lord approves of this knowledge. Most men do not even know how to hook and unhook a bra, that's very bad bro. I think it's the first thing you should know how to do as a husband. Got sisters? They can teach you. Dont have one? Dont worry relax, you will learn it by divine knowledge. 

#2... Learn how to sharpen an eye pencil. This is not like the normal pencil you used to sharpen in nursery school with a sharpener. This one requires some extra professionalism. Learn it, its very key. When you're running late to go out your wife cannot be applying makeup and looking for how to sharpen her eye pencil at the same time, you can collect it and help her out to save your own time. I'm speaking from experience as a husband.

#3. Learn how to wash a woman's panties. Listen don't make your face, there is nothing nasty or unscriptural about this. Don't let our culture mess you up. TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH - including washing panties and boxers. Your heavily pregnant or nursing wife will not have the strength to do her business herself most of the time. She will just soak it in the bathroom and leave it there, and you cannot be walking pass it when you can easily bend down and help her out. And mind you, they don't wash a women's panties the same way men wash boxers like a sponge. The same hands that removes it can also be washing it sometimes. Learn it. How do you learn this? Start washing your own boxers regularly, when you are used to cleanliness it benefits your wife.

#4... Learn how to style a woman's hair, or at least simple ways to pack it. Some of us are just zero in this department, we cannot help a woman pack her hair and ribbon it. This comes in very handy in marriage, when your wife will turn to you and say "baby please help me use this ribbon to pack my hair." You'll just be there looking, your own is how to scatter it when you want to disturb someone's daughter.

#5... Learn how to fold women's clothes. So very important too. Well, some men are not even interested in helping their wives wash Or iron their dress, let alone interested in folding and arranging. Women are not the only natural arrangers of the home, men can be too. Learn how to fold a dress neatly. It's important.

#6... Learn how to tie a scalf. This one is ultimately important uncle. You cannot survive your wive's disturbance in marriage if you don't know how to tie a simple hair tie. Women can worry with this, "honey hold it here, roll it there, pin the gele here, shock it in here." It can be very tiring, yet so much fun. So start openning yourself up to it. 

Footnote: SOME of these things can be learnt over the internet. Sometimes when I am scrolling through my news feed I see videos teaching how to apply foundation, simple bra hacks, zip hacks, how to tie a quick scalf, etc. And I take my time to watch and learn from them. I put in the effort, because I want to be an help meet to my wife too. Sometime I tag my bestie to it. Note like you must go practice with a woman first, the internet is a wide library of resource. Make sure you're disciplined to run away from porn sites that also pretend to teach these things.

Okay so ladies which skill am I forgetting? Add it here for the bros to learn, be fast.

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