Ada a young student met this guy in her school who loves God so much and was running a fellowship as at then. She was told about the fellowship by her roommate, who had never attended it. 

So they then decided to join the fellowship the next day. 

"Believe me, it was such an experience, I mean God really manifested himself there" she smiled as she was telling her roommate. 

The next week as they we're both coming for the fellowship together they met him. 

"I mean wooowww... Him, yes him, the fellowship pastor" Ada said as she was smiling from chin to chin... 

They became friends and got to know each other more, he asked her out and they started dating, days turned into weeks, and weeks became months. 

It was a very beautiful evening while Ada was  going through her news feed on Facebook, a friend request popped up. 

Ahhhh she screamed... "Oh my God!Tade this popular gospel artist sent me a friend request with over 50000 followers, oh lord who am I to deserve this. " she said smiling 

She then accepted immediately and he sent her a "hi"

She could bet that nothing could really spoil her happiness then, like whooshhh, cruise. 

They started chatting often and got to knew each other more better. 

But John the fellowship pastor knew totally nothing about this

To her surprise, the next week the gospel artist came to her state to minister in a church and they met. 

And that was how they grew closer and closer with time. 

As the closeness increased she found herself losing interest in John, as she saw this new guy as the Godsent for her and also the fame, name and everything accompanied wit being his babe... And then who is John... so she thought, who does John even know.

So she gave John a huge distance and became so close to her new friend.. 

After a while

"Sis come and see, come and see, my eyes cannot believe this" her roommate screaming at her to come and see something she saw on her phone. 

An interview where Tade the Gospel artist and John were present. 

" Hahaha! what can come out of this, maybe he wants to learn from My Tade" she said as she laughed out loud

"John trained me and alot of gospel ministers in this country, we really owe him -Tade, That's the headlines sis"

As they read the news later it showed how some gospel ministers contributed money which summated to about 30 million naira to John and who so ever John wanted to accompany him to France all expenses paid. 

"Pour me water, I am dreaming. This can't be, I think its high time I call John and apologize to him,  to have me back " She said in regret. 


Beloved, When entering into a relationship having a high level of discernment is very important. Yes he may not look like it now, but I tell you do not write off a man God calls his own, because it takes a split second for God to cause a turnaround in his life.

Written by Godlydescent 

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