Dear Brothers,

We've had the course to counsel several ladies who happened to be dating upcoming, aspiring prayer giants i.e young men who want to carry fire, guys who take a cue from the Apostle Mike Orokpos, Pastor Lawrence Oyors and Minstrel Theophilus Sundays.

One lady said, "Sir, my fiance suddenly came and said the relationship is a distraction to him, that he wants to seek God more, so he ended the Relationship, just like that, but am I a distraction? Am I the devil?"

Another sister also said "He stopped texting me as he used to, immediately he was made The Fellowship President. He said that he's busy praying."

Well, i know in an attempt to dig deep into God, you may end up needing more time, but don't be zealous without knowledge.

You are breaking a Relationship on the basis that you want to seek God, did God ask you to break it?

Did the relationship stop you?

You saw Apostle Mike Orokpo ministering in your School, Church or Fellowship, you got fired up to get fire and ascend through portals into Zion, you ended your Relationship with a Godly lady for no reason, you consoled yourself that Apostle is still single.

Now, the Apostle Mike is now married, is it choking you?

"How, When, Where?" you asked???

Of course you know this means that Apostle started with been in a Relationship before the wedding.

Seeking God doesn't mean you can't be in a Relationship.

A GODLY RELATIONSHIP cannot & will NEVER be a distraction!

👉A Relationship can ONLY be a distraction when you're NOT striking the necessary balances!

👉A Relationship can also be a distraction when it's leading you to sin or when you're living in sin.

👉A Relationship is a distraction when it is draining your spiritual life.

👉A Relationship can also be a distraction when the purpose is not defined!

👉A Relationship is a distraction when both of you are not actually meant for each other!

👉A Relationship is a distraction when it is not God's Will.

👉A Relationship is a distraction when you're not ready to settle down!

Yes, it becomes a major distraction when two young people fell in love but they still have many things to do before then!

A Relationship/Marriage and Seeking God are not mutually exclusive!

Your problem is that you don't know how to strike a balance!

You don't know how to balance yourself, and know the time for prayers and time to give attention to other matters, so will you not marry finally, since a relationship is a distraction?

Or will you download the Marriage?

Are you praying 24-hours?

Even if you are, let her know...when you finish, chat her up. She will wait!!!

ZEAL must be balanced with KNOWLEDGE, else, it can ruin its owner's life!

Bro....Wise Up!

Strike a Balance!

Stop breaking our Sisters' hearts!

Two years ago, it trended on the social media that Apostle Joshua Selman is about getting married in 2020 to his fiancee, Lady Sandra Areh.

Of course, the information came from the right source, one of the Man of God's closest friend, Pastor Ejimi.

Some people questioned how sure we are in sharing the news??

Some asked how can AJS be in love?

Haaaaa, will he not get married again?

Or did he told you that he wants to practice celibacy?

Anyway, for your information, Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche married Dr. Mrs. Becky Paul-Enenche immediately they left the University, which means they have loved each other before graduation but were focused on the assignment.

So how can you say that a Relationship is a distraction?

So while you're catching burdens, you must also learn how to strike a balance in everything and at everytime!


In as much that our Primary Mindset should be on the KINGDOM and the GOSPEL alone but we will not forget other things to do!

© #RelationshipHeartBits.

© Chukwuemeka Ochudo Ibeazor.


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