"Your soul-winning mate is not necessarily going to be your soul mate." Ponder.

He was a purposeful Friend throughout the years.

By God's grace, we have done greatly together the King's business. 

Sometimes we are happy, sad, lonely or crowded and yet we see God helping us scale through each stage together as friends.

Yesterday, after a series of discussions ranging from Family, academics, Walk with God, Finance to Friendship, he said to me "I felt within my spirit a strong connection between you and me but it is yet to be clear". 

I ponder on those words for a few seconds and as I was about to give the best of reply has laid within my inner man, he gave out words that were hundred per cent in alignment with the reply I was about to give. He said "Saying I felt within me that we have connection isn't limited to marital. The common thought that would have come to some peoples hearts when they are told words like this by the opposite sex is the thought of ending up together as husband and wife. As said earlier, it is yet unclear".

Hearing those words from him made me more than glad within. 

I don't know how but I know why those words dropped from my mouth "Sure. Your soul-winning mate is never necessary going to be your soul mate."

"Hmmm. Your soul-winning mate is not necessarily going to be your soul mate. Going to write this down straight away." He said.

"Yes. Do you know that the lack of this understanding is greatly affecting our generation? The fact is that you and I can do so many things together for humanity without necessary having the thought of ending up as husband and wife. Being like-minded women and men doesn't necessarily mean they should end up as couples".


This is where many have gotten it wrong and are still getting it wrong.

Men should understand that being like-minded either in secular works or works for the Kingdom isn't a criterion that they are compatible to be husband and wife.

You and that lady can do greater things for the Kingdom without having the thought of ending up in marriage.

How would you do greater things which God has handed over to you that you do cooperatively with him if all that comes to your mind is laid on the condition that you would end up his wife?

How would many souls that God want you to reach out to even before getting married be reached out to if all you think is that you can't do it with any other woman save the one that you would end up maritally with?

I have many men which the Lord has jointly committed the things of the Kingdom unto our hands that we do together and I always remain conscious enough not to allow vain thoughts to spread abroad my heart because vain thoughts only limit the things which God wants to do through a man. And If there should be any thought for my life, it must come from no other person, not even me but God.

If you think you can't help him run that Vision just because you are not sure of ending up with him as a wife, then you still need to understand that "Your soul-winning mate might not be your soul mate."

Get at work in areas of purpose and God would bring him or her to you.

The place of finding a wife can adequately be activated by a man of purpose.

He would find you if you allow God to work out the purpose he created you for.

Remember, the thought of ending up with him or her maritally as said earlier may slow down many things.

Allow God to direct your paths so that you don't take men that ought to help you achieve much in the areas of purpose as your spouse.

Allow God to direct your paths so that you don't take her to be your wife just because she looks compatible with you on the outside.

Marriage is the only institution that doesn't require you to enter before you train for it.

Academically you need to get into the institution before the training commence.

Other trainings require that you finish with the training before you are being certified but as for marriage, you are certified before going in there. This tells you that you must adequately prepare before entering into marriage.

You get trained for marriage and not in marriage.

What is the preparation all about?

It demands that you start working on yourself in all ramifications. Get things that would equip you enough to be able to defend your certificate after the wedding.

You can only defend your certificate of marriage not by speaking in tongues or by praying for hours. Not by being a great Preacher, teacher or evangelist.

Not by being a great business personality.

How do you defend your certificate of marriage?

The only way you can do that is by radiating a character that can be embraced by men. A character worthy of embracing by generations to come. Such character is embodied in the Fruits of the spirit.

Before marriage, start running the race with men either of the opposite sex or same gender that are like-minded men.

Support men that God is leading you to support without having a condition attached to it.

God is first interested in the business of souls and all other things including your soul mate would be added unto you.

Have this understanding.

#Be Purposeful#

#Seek Kingdom#

#Be wise #


Faith Agi.

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