The life of a man is bound to receive many of the "No" in various aspects even as he continues in the journey. Nevertheless, that doesn't completely make his life void of receiving a "Yes".

The " Yes" we would be talking about here is not that about your academics or Career. It is not such that is about your business or that Job you have applied for. 

What then is it about? The one we talked about is that of the life contract you would be signing into If you are still single and if Christ still tarries.

Many in the long run have focused so much on things that are not relevant at the expense of things that are of relevance to their lives.

The phase of being single is not the time to waste away. It is the time of waiting. It is the time to get the extra oil of becoming a vessel that is of relevance to God and humanity.

The period where you prepare adequately for the arrival of the bridegroom just like the Five wise virgins did. But it is so sad that this is the period where many keep wasting away either ignorantly or by their carefree attitude.

What stops you from reading many books on marital until you say yes?

Surprisingly enough, instead of using this phase to garner enough strength for the journey ahead, many choose to spend it on things that would never bring profit. Some spend the phase of being single chatting and engaging in unnecessary discussions. Others spend this period in laziness and procrastination. Others specifically spend it on assumptions.

While a sister who is your neighbour is there gathering strength in place of prayer for the journey to come, what are you making out of your own time?

"I am still young", " When I get to the bridge, I would cross it", "I already know more than I should know". These kinds of words among many are that which I have come to familiarise myself with whenever an issue about preparation for a marital journey is raised.

No one is dragging your age with you and no one is interested in knowing if you have gotten to the bridge or not. What we are saying in essence is that you should prepare for the days ahead.

Why Should I Prepare For Marriage?

I know this question has become one that is so pressing in the hearts of many singles.

You need a whole lot of preparation. You need it because marriage is the only institution that would get you into becoming certify on the first day you are entering into it.

What does that imply to you? Unlike other institutions where you have to finish a particular training or program before you are certified, marriage is of another dimension.

This tells you that it is a stand out institution among many others and for you to become a standard in this institution, you ought to start making your grades now when you are still single.

You should start praying all the prayers you ought to pray now.

You should start learning, unlearning and relearning all that it is about that institution before you get to that stage of saying Yes.

You should keep building yourself until you say yes and not after saying yes.

You must develop yourself to attract good grades before the time arrives.

This is not the time to become obsessed with fashion.

This is not the time to keep chattering with nothing to show forth.

You might have gotten a lot of No in the aspect of marital but that is not what we are pointing at right now. Know and understand now that every no you have gotten in life is supposed to charge you to prepare for a resounding yes.

But before you say Yes, get a purpose.

My brother gets a purpose! 

Sister! discover why you are here on earth. If you know your purpose, many things won't bother you because you already know where you belong.

I do say " When you get a purpose, your purpose would help you locate your spouse".

What you do in this period of waiting would show forth. It would show forth!

Men might not be able to single you out now probably because you have pretended so much to be prepared but you must know that there is no place of hiding after saying yes.

Before you say yes, get and go the extra.

What you behold would become what you attract.

Get the extra. 

Extra Patience, Understanding, Wisdom, Skills, Love, Wisdom.

Go extra in all your getting. Don't settle for less.

The extra you can garner now while you are single would be that which would keep you in terms with the bridegroom when he comes to take you.

The extra you get would be that which would keep your home when the days of adversity come.

Or were you promised that the days of adversity would not come? Of course No. However, something would keep you and your spouse standing tall and unbending even during great seeming difficulties. Strength! The strength you have gather would keep you.

You gather strength in place of waiting not in the days of adversity.

Remember, the Five Virgins that were called wise in Matthew Chapter 25 have this understanding of what to do before the day of yes arrived and that was what singled them out.

What are you doing now with your life?

The Five wise Virgins didn't source for the extra oil on the arrival of the bridegroom, they did that before his arrival.

What would you show forth to that wife or husband to be?

Can you prove to your generation and the Kingdom(s) God is set to release to you as Children that indeed you are a man or woman of extra?

Before you say yes, Prepare!

Faith Agi.


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