A praying woman also deserves to be pampered and spoilt crazy by her king.

See, If you can hear me dear Kingsman ,

I just think it would be so nice for me to wake up to a romantic text from you sometimes. These things don't cost much, only N4.00 Naira and a little bit of committment.

A praying woman also deaerves to be spoilt. Imagine me waking up to pray at 2am, only to find a delicious text message from you blinking on my phone. After reading it with all the smiles and blushes in Africa, Imagine how that midnight devotion will go? Imagine how much I will be filled with love in that moment to pour out in prayer to my Father. Imagine how proudly I will be approaching the throne room with blushes on my cheeks.

 Somethings are just priceless dear Kingman. A praying woman does not need so much to be fed, these little acts of love and committment is more than enough to keep our knees greased for your battle.

Imagine if you order me some chinese food from Ying Yang to help me break my fast?

Imagine if you got me that new book from Pastor Joyce Meyer, or that 31 days devotional from Aunty Chocolate to boost my spiritual life and give me a great start to the new year?🤔🤔

Imagine if you actually sent a cab to pick me up from church after a vigil service? 🤔🤔

I know you are planning to do bigger things for me like buy me a car, a house, a vacation to Seychelles, or maybe you're planning to change my entire wardrobe, I appreciate all of that in advance and I love you, but can you please start with the little? Because these little things means everything to us!

See, Kingman, all I'm saying is, find a way to support your woman's spiritual life.

Find a way to encourage her walk in the Spirit.

He who has a powerful weapon should never joke with it or take it for granted. Think Sir, think of little ways to support her devotion, heeem, you don't know what a simple credit alert can do for her on the way to that house care fellowship after a tiring day, hmmm, she will tear the roof down praying with some excitement and romance in her spirit, even the Lord will not help but notice your sweet smelling kindness oozing out of her in His presence.

Hey Bobo, if the Lord should ask me why I'm just over rejoicing in the place of prayer and I call your name, you yourself won't you be happy and over blessed?

Sir, if you really want to enjoy this favour I abundantly carry you better learn how to romance me physically, spiritually, and grammatically. Yes, sometimes love come by hearing, hearing by the your words of romance.


War Wife






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