-Bishop David Oyedepo at CHoP

* Not a word. A signal.

* By a signal of the Holy Ghost, this Church moved from 3,000 plus to 50,000

* A signal came and moved our Cell system from 2010 to 2013, from 3,700 to 15,000

* We have to engage with appropriate strategies to obtain results in soul winning.

* Get ready for open dimensions of rewards.

* WSF Operators: get ready for tomorrow’s meeting at 7 am. A prophetic alert is coming our way.

The first Testifier here said, “I decided to use the remaining strength” (documented testimony): I Decided.

The second family said, ‘I positioned myself to be obedient.” (documented testimony). 

They are all expressions of choice made. It’s a choice. Serving God is not a calling, it’s a choice that one makes. “Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve.” 

There is no single one gifted to serve, it’s a choice.

There is no single one specially called to serve, it’s a choice. 

“And I am amazed at the rate the blessings are coming. Amazed! No single symptom of that disease on my body. I’ve spent all my money, I have gone everywhere. I am amazed. I made a choice one day and the choice just clears me out.” 

A choice!!

Prayer: Lord, help me to stay with my choice to serve you. 

Go ahead and pray. somebody is praying that prayer.

Help me to position myself very strongly in this season, only 5 more weeks to go thereabout. Help me to strongly position myself for the best of time with you. 

Help me to stand with my decision to serve you. In Jesus precious name we have prayed. 

“I have no regrets”, he said, “for sowing my life as a seed to serve God.”

We embarked on a project in my office and that is to harvest divine interventions through revival in various areas of human lives and we have seen quite a lot. This is not part of that package. Every day, somebody is testifying:

“I made a choice, see how God responded.”

“I decided. See what happened.”

“I made a life a seed. See the fruits.”

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the remaining 5 weeks ahead of you will be the most fruitful in your Christian adventure till date. All you need is a quality choice and grace to stand by that choice and grace to keep operating in it and that is yours this morning. 

Jesus, speak to me this morning (Luke 21;38). A word from You is all I need to turn my life around. A word from You is all I need to turn my life around, so speak to me this morning Jesus. You sent a word unto Jacob, it turned his life supernaturally around, now speak your Word to me this morning and turn my life around via it, in Jesus precious name we have prayed. 

Father, thank You for the day. You woke us up by your grace, you sustained us while we slept and now we are alive again. To you be all the glory. It is the day You have made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. There shall be no issue of sorrow on anyone’s path. It shall be a day of testimonies in Jesus name Amen. 


As we all know no product, the quality notwithstanding sells without engaging relevant marketing strategies. No product will sell without a marketing drive. The quality of that product notwithstanding! Jesus had to market His mandate for people to buy into it. 

Luke 4:18

“This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears” – Luke 4:20-21

And eruption after eruption. He said to His disciples, “go and invite them that were bidden hat all things are now ready” (Luke 14:17)

Luke 14:18 

They went and said they were complaining, they had excuses: Go my friend, bring the blind, the maimed, all you can find. They said, “there is still room.” 

Go again to the highways and the hedges and compel them to come. It is a marketing task. We are marketing the values of the gospel to a dying world. A salesman that is ashamed will not make sales. He understands his products and he is marketing the values of his products to his potential customers. Remember, he that winneth souls is wise, so wisdom is required for results (Proverbs 11:30). You can’t win souls without applying God given strategy to every single person you come across lest you run in vain. 

They that be wise shall succeed in turning many to righteousness, so wisdom is required to turn many to righteousness (Daniel 12:3). They that turn many shall shine as the stars for ever and ever. In soul winning, wisdom is principal, wisdom is vital, wisdom will ever be required. Church Gist. One word can turn your potential convert off, another word can get him to secure his rapt attention and subsequently conviction and that settles it. 

A wise man scales the city of the mighty or subdues the city of the mighty and casts down the strength of the confidence thereof (Proverbs 21:22). 

Nothing delivers a city like wisdom (Ecclesiastes 9:14-16).

It is not strength that wins the war, it is strategy. Strategy!!

-No one here will labour in vain this time. It is not the efforts we made that is rewarded, it is the results we obtain from those efforts. God does not reward efforts, He rewards results obtained. 

We must be strategic on the prayer altar, not just empty cries. Observing due prayer protocols to secure answers. We have to engage with appropriate strategies to obtain results in soul winning and all that can happen as we ask the Lord.

If anyone lacks wisdom, if anyone needs wisdom, let’s put it that way, let him ask of God. If you need wisdom for better results, ask of God (James 1:5). But if you are not willing to change your approach, you cannot improve on your results, so there is need to desire a change of approach for better results. 

One time, we went out for a crusade, you know they moved equipment, moved everything and I saw the number of people seated. I said, “No, no. I will get better results than this without carrying nothing.” Then we went out, no equipment, no nothing, we were harvesting more than we harvested with all the gadgets, all the choir singing and stressing themselves. It is not necessary. It is not. 

When a better strategy came…

COVID-19 lockdown came: you can’t lock down the light. Darkness can’t lock down light, “Lord, which way do we go?” He showed me the light on which way to go. We went that way: amazing, about 61,000 people won to Jesus. 

-Somebody’s story is changing.

If that looks like you, let me hear your loudest Amen.

Prayer: Lord, I need a new strategy for better results on the prayer altar, in my passionate pursuit after souls. Lord, grant me a new approach. A new approach that will guarantee a better return. Help me Jesus, I need this now. 

He will give liberally and not call anyone a fool. He knows we are limited, but He has everything we need.

Jesus, endue me with the wisdom required to make the most of this season. I must get results, not just make attempts. I must get results. I know you want all men saved, give me the right Word, the right approach, the right strategy. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

You can’t get results and not get rewarded (John 4:36)

Get ready for open dimensions of rewards that will come your way like a dream of the night because you are going to get results.

You will hit the turning of many to righteousness and your star will surge.

Your own star will surge.

It will be located in the midst of the sky.

Anyone looking for you will have to look up, 90 degrees. You will be far up in the sky because you will get abundance of results.

How many will demand for wisdom anytime you are engaging? How many will want to demand for wisdom? And you are going to have it. 

He said in that scripture, “you have not because you asked not” (James 4:3).

Most of the time, we think we know so we don’t ask Him. So we keep doing the same old thing over and over again.

God just showed me and we are having that special meeting tomorrow morning, all WSF operators: He showed me He is bringing us to a level where we need to control the growth. If you are a Cell Operator, be there tomorrow and I am going to have everyone anointed for highly profitable stewardship. It will be mammoth. It’s light. 

I love to cry out for light: What next Jesus? What are you saying Jesus? How do we move forward Jesus? 

I got that signal, heavy. It was a signal that grew this Church from 3,000 plus to 50,000. Not a word, signal from the Holy Ghost. 

Signal gave us 15,486 Churches planted in 2019 and 2020. Signal of the Holy Ghost.

A signal came and moved our Cell system from 2010 to 2013, from 3,700 to 15,000: signal!

A witness of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost ministers to your spirit, this is the way to go. No voice. Thank You Jesus.

Let me pause here to say, all WSF ministers, assistants and secretaries, we call them operators; Area Pastors; District Pastors, every Pastor gathers tomorrow at our various Area and District centres for a prophetic alert that launches us to the next phase. It will be awesome. I can’t wait, tomorrow looks so long. But we have to wait because everybody is going somewhere this morning. 

We cannot see supernatural Church growth without engaging the operation of reaper angles on the altar of prayer. The reapers are the angels, so they have a part to play in reaping the end time harvest into the Kingdom.

Matthew 13:39 

An angel organized the salvation of Cornelius and his entire household. An angel showed up and directed him what to do; all his kinsmen, all his near friends were all saved and baptized in the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues. They were all baptized in water by the orchestration of reaper angels 

Acts 10

We demand for their involvement on the altar of prayer (Matthew 26:53). They are there to serve us (Hebrews 1:14). They are there for our service. 

Now we are in the harvest season, reaper angels show up and begin to orchestrate massive salvation of souls by mobilizing people to where we are reaching out to souls, as individuals, as soul winning partnerships. Mobilizing them to Church where they will hear the gospel and get saved. Angels of God, take over the city, take over our entire harvest field, begin to bring home the harvest. 

We have that right according to scriptures to demand for their intervention, involvement, engagement in this harvest season. 

We are going to see wonders. 

-We shall see wonders!!!

-You shall see wonders.

Revelation 14:14, 16 – to show how powerful these angels can be. They can reap out a whole city, a whole earth. That is how powerful these reaper angels are. I can imagine angels all over, gathering multitude until almost the whole city gathering together in Acts chapter 13 verse 44. That is not advertisement in a revival. 

Prayers: Demand for angelic involvement in this harvest season. Call for them, angels of God, reaper angels, step into our harvest field and begin to mobilize, begin to galvanize, begin to draft multitudes into the Kingdom, orchestrate their salvation, move them towards our soul winners, move them into Church. Move them into the Cells, move them into the Zones. 

Pray like men in a revival. Pray like men and women in a revival. 

In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

One of our new converts had a very humbling testimony, had a ‘very powerful” in-law who took his children from him and appeared very helpless. Now came in to our tent and ministered to. The woman said, “somebody was calling her on an unknown number persistently: return the children to the father.” She said, I don’t know where you got this thing from but somebody has been disturbing me. 

She called him father to his son, for the first time: Are you the Baba of so and so, come and carry your children. Somebody has been calling me. 

Those are angels Sir, they can do anything to humble anybody. Anybody holding our tracts” He will just lay hands on them and say, “start going!”

One Islamic cleric saw the flier, saw my picture on it, “I am not doing this thing again.” Picture, he hasn’t read anything, I will follow Papa. Has been an Islamic cleric for 32 years. These are all angelic mobilization strategies. They go to any length, to gather anybody. He was in Church last Wednesday and he is coming to Faith Tabernacle, all the way from Ajah area (Lagos). My God.

Somebody had our flier and he is a Muslim. He said, “that flier, go there.” On a Wednesday. He ran down here. 

Those are angels, they can go to anybody’s house. They don’t need permission; they don’t need to knock. They just enter, they enter through the window, they enter through the gate, they enter through the wall. Amazing things. 

We are doing what we should do, let Him do what He can do and He can do anything. This next Sunday, we shall be surprised. 

All those fellows, you have been calling, “I am not coming, I am going”, you will find them here. They will get there before you.

They will be calling you, “I hope you are in Church.” They will be calling you to find out whether you are in Church. 

Thank You Jesus.

Watch out for your rewards. 

-He is not looking for who to use but who to bless. He has found you, He will bless you beyond measure.


It’s your day. 

In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

The meeting tomorrow is just one hour 30 minutes. It is starting at 7 and ending at 8:30, that is after we are done with Covenant Hour of Prayer. Then we will get into that at 7, across our various Area centres and District Centres. That people who are in various Zones can have some 30 minutes to get across to where they will be and then Jesus will be visiting us. 

It’s a prophetic alert session. It is going to turn everybody loosed into another phase. In the name of Jesus.

Give God thanks. 






CHoP is an acronym of Covenant Hour of Prayer

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