* That is telling you how many Obededoms’ are rising in this Church.

* God will build surprise houses for many here.

* From now till the end of your journey on earth, I decree an end to every form of dry season. 

* Don't you toy with this Revival season, it is packaged for your change of story. Increase your tempo of engagement.


Take out your bottles of oil please. 

Psalm 92:10-12

End of dry season, unstoppable fruitfulness. They are all products of the anointing. 

-Therefore, as this oil comes on your head, your dry season comes to an end. 

Ephesians 4:4

The anointing upon Jesus opened the prison doors. 

He brought about peace.

It opens the eyes of the blind. 

The impact is generational – Exodus 30:31. Generational impact is built into it. He anointed Jehu to destroy the house of Ahab (2 Chronicles 22:7). It destroys the camp of the wicked.

-You will never know a setback anymore. 

-Ups and downs come to an end in your life today.

I therefore declare the contents of your body as the Anointing Oil.

Isaiah 10:27

-I decree the destruction of the yoke of the wicked on your life.

The content of your bottle is today the Oil of Fruitfulness, the Oil of Flourishing.

-By this Anointing, my God is turning your wilderness into Eden.

-He is turning your deserts into the garden of the Lord.

-By this Anointing, God will overturn every conception hindering plague in your life.

-The plague of miscarriage is destroyed today.

-Everyone here on the line for miracle children, you will arrive here as fathers and mothers of nations. You will testify. 

-Grace to engage in your walk with God after the order of Abraham, receive it right now.

-From now till the end of your journey on earth, I decree an end to every form of dry season. 

God blessed the latter end of Job than his beginning.

-Therefore, whatever you might have seen, God will begin to make it better by the years in the name of Jesus.

In the same vein, every dry season on your health is ended today.

Every affliction of sickness and disease is terminated finally today.

You shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord.

Put a little of that oil on your fingertip and all that believe in those prophetic proclamations from the Word, to put that on your forehead and begin to make those declarations right now. 

-An end has come to every dry season in my life. 

-God has finally turned my wilderness to Eden and my desert to the garden of the Lord.

-The curse of barrenness is broken in my body. I am now a fruitful vine!! My children are now here. I thank you Jesus.

In Jesus precious name we have prayed. 

By the Word of the Lord, after the order of Abraham, an end has come to dry seasons in your life. 

-Your life has now become like a watered garden and as springs of water whose water fail not in Jesus name.

Please all that came with baby items: pick them up right now for a moment. You came with baby items as points of contact: 

-In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I decree the turning of every baby item into babies. 

-In the name of the Lord Jesus, your story is finally changing turned to a testimony. 

In the name of the Lord Jesus, your doctors will be surprised at the hand of God. 

In the name of Jesus, whatever has been tampered with in your body, by the devil, it is now restored back to order. 

Whatever has been removed from your body to keep you barren, it is now restored supernaturally in the name of Jesus. So shall it be.

Please put some little portion of this Oil and touch those materials; in the name of Jesus, they are turned into living babies in your hand. 

Finally, all that believe in this mystery, I will have you take a shot of the Oil for full restoration of your health. 

-Whatever is out of balance, gets back to order now.

-Every terminal disease, by this liquid fire, they are burned with unquenchable fire.

-Everyone appointed to death is rescued finally today.

Matthew 3:11-12

He will restore the organs back to function and burn every chaff inside anyone with unquenchable fire

-Whatever my God has not planted that is growing in your life, I decree them burnt with unquenchable fire.

-Somebody’s eyes will be opened. 

-Paralysis and stroke will disappear.

-Growth in your body will be burnt off.

-Cancer will be destroyed. 

-HIV/AIDS destroyed. 

-Hepatitis B destroyed.

-Sickle Cell Anaemia turns to AA in the name of Jesus.

-Diabetes destroyed. 

-High blood pressure, hypertension destroyed. Heart disease destroyed. Kidney challenge destroyed in the name of Jesus.

All that believe in the efficacy of this mystery, take a shot of the Oil and celebrate God. 

Give Him thanks for the encounter of today. Those who came with baby items, lift them up. That is saying, ‘Thank You for turning these items to babies in my hands.’ It is now. In 9 months’ time, you are testifying. Give Him glory, give Him thanks.

Celebrate God, magnify Him, there is none like Him. Church Gist. Thank You Jesus. In Jesus precious name we have prayed. So shall it be.

Thank You Father.

Next Sunday is our Covenant Day of Open Doors: My God will open doors of favour unto you beyond your wildest imagination.

Stretch forth your hands and let's command the Holy Ghost to breathe upon these materials, turn them to spiritual magnets, that will draft multitudes into the Kingdom and open doors to them that will terminate their concerns in life. In the name of Jesus.

Give Him thanks and praise and glory in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Are you glad about what the Lord is doing in this revival season? Give the Lord the biggest clap offering! Amen.

-Your labour shall be openly rewarded.

Don't you toy with this season, it is packaged for your change of story.

-Your crown, another man will not take.

Get involved, keep engaging. Increase your tempo of engagement in praying Kingdom Advancement prayers, in reaching out to the lost with passion and ensuring that you gather them into the Cells, into the Zones and then into Church.

Yesterday we had over 400 people that were baptized in water and about 160 plus got filled with the Holy Ghost. This is the way to go. 

Are you glad that we now have 12,804 new Cells this year.

Come on, give the Lord praise.

That is telling you how many Obededoms are rising in this Church.

-Enviable blessings will hit you.

All those who desire to house this Ark and are trusting God for their own apartment will surprise you.

Many will build miracle houses this year.

The same way God built houses for the midwives of Egypt, my God will build surprise houses for many here.

Every old provider and new provider, I decree the Obededom order of blessings upon your house. 

Every Minister at the various Cells, grace to be impactful and effective in your engagement, receive it right now. 

For everyone on the Go for Jesus, health issues are finally over. 

You will never be stranded anymore in life. In the precious name of Jesus Christ. 

Please, get ready, no Sunday should be empty. Every Sunday must have you just putting in your harvest and Christ will glorified.

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