Let me teach you something really powerful tonight. Strictly for anyone with a burning desire for more of the supernatural in their marriage.

You know there is no evidence of marriage permitted in heaven right? Or maybe you are not aware. 

Many people believe that after their 'happy ever after' here on earth the party continues in heaven. Husband and wife will journey into the heart of the Father wearing matching outfits and holding hands to pepper dem in heaven. Oh sorry to bust your bubble, there are no tales by moonlight where Elohim dwells.

Jesus told us already. He said; 

"At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven."

~ Matthew 22:30

I spent some time meditating on this standing order, with so many questions to enquire of the Lord.  Like wow, of all things that will not enter with us into paradise, it's our godly marriage? Unbelievable!

During one of my meditations I got a response from the Lord.

He said;

"Remember I only said there will be no marriage permitted in heaven. I never said there will be no heaven permitted in your marriage."

Kaya!!! Mind shift! It was like a Cherubim poured ice water on my brain, my heart shook!

But wait, Jesus already told us this when He said " Thy kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

This means that although we cannot carry our marriage with us into heaven, there is abundant provision for us to carry heaven with us into our marriage here on earth.

So you see, all those matching outfits you and your boo are planning to go and wear in heaven to pepper dem, God is expecting you to bring heaven down into your marriage and pepper dem as much as you want. 

This is what it really means for your marriage to be heaven on earth.

It means that the protocols and practices existing in heaven is also existing in your marriage.

It means that whatever heaven can do, your marriage can do also. 

You want to feed eachother icecream in heaven to the delight of Angel Gabriel right? Sorry, Coldstones are not allowed up there, but the ministry of Angels is very permitted to function in your marriage. So why don't you bring Angel Gabriel down into your marriage and still enjoy the Heaven on Earth experience?

You getting the dimension right? 

This is what it means for your marriage to be heaven on earth; that Elohim will journey out of heaven and step into your marriage and He still won't miss a single thing, because the atmosphere in your marriage is consistent with the one existing in heaven. 

Are you getting this?

Abraham and Sarah did not need to wait until the day of their resurrection to dine with God as a couple, there are no such couple goals applicable there. Rather than waiting, we were told that they hosted Angels who were on their way to Sodom in their home, fattened the largest goat, made peppersoup for the Angels and feasted with them.

Wow! What a heaven on earth experience! 

How about having encounters like this as your couple goals?

I have made a vow, If marriage is not experienced in heaven, heaven will be experienced in my marriage. Halleluyah!!!

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