- Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia Abuja for May Miracle Service

Acts 8:5-8.

Lift your voice in one minute and cry to the God of heaven 'visit me tonight, give me an encounter.'

We have to discern what miracles are about. Many times when we encounter the power of God, we get healed, we get blessed, but we are not able to sustain that experience because miracles more than supernatural acts, come with messages, and we must discern what God is saying. We must learn to discern miracles, not only to recieve them.


1. Miracles are a revelation and a confirmation of the Father's Love.

Everytime you see a miracle, a supernatural manifestation of the hand of God upon a life and people, whether it comes as a healing miracle, deliverance, breakthroughs or open door, the first message behind a genuine miracle is the love of God.

Jeremiah 31:3

If we celebrate miracles, and they do not draw us to understand the love of Jesus, then we failed to discern the miracles. The first revelation behind miracles is not just that the man of God who was used is powerful or that God is powerful but that God is love.

Romans 8:35-37

Satan is an expert. He knows how to use negative situations and circumstances to speak to the saints spiting the love and the integrity of Jesus. You are not just a conqueror when you endure pain and hardship. You are a conqueror when you triumph over it. Ephesians 3:18-19, 1 John 3:1.

When he heals, when he delivers, when he opens close doors, when he promotes, when he silences the voice of evil men speaking over your destiny, when he overrides the naysays of illspeakers in it, he is saying 'I love you.' More than signs and wonders.

There is something about the revelation of the love of Jesus, when you are aware that he loves you, it takes away fear because perfect love casts out fear. The moment you do not dwell in the love of Jesus, you are afraid. He loves you mean that he defends your interest, he insists until your life becomes a reflection of his glory. There are implications to love, love is not an empty word. Love has consequences, its risky to be in love. When you love you give, when you love you sacrifice, when you love you defend, when you love you promote. So when God says 'I love you,' he places his reputation on the line. I love you means 'I can go so far to defend you, protect you.'

Miracles reveal the love of Jesus, you walk confident knowing that this one who is God, ancient of days, is also my father and the lover of my soul, committed to seeing that no matter what comes my way, eventually my life will sing his praises. Romans 8:28.

Love never fails. Anything that is failing in your life, add love to it. Love never fails, so when I dwell in love, I am secured because I can never fail. The absence of the awareness of the love of Jesus Christ will give room for all kinds of oppression.

2. Miracles reveal the Lordship and the power of God. Psalm 24:1. The earth is the Lord's, the fullness. The Bible is taking time to explain everything that is God's own on earth, so that you find out, when Satan says 'something is mine' you verify from this and ask him ' where did that come from?' This earth is full. There are resources. Opportunities are commodities in the spirit. Opportunities are access for a new season. There is someone who holds it like holding an ATM card, he can give men. God is the father of spirits, every spirit on earth is subject to his beck and call. When God calls you, you must hear him. Ask Pharoah what came upon him, after 430 years, that charm like effect on Pharoah he got up and said 'take gold, take silver.' It was a miracle enough to let them go. But God said 'let me show you that just because you own a space in my property.' He commanded Pharoah and Pharoah gave the resources.

Miracles validate that Jesus is Lord. Lordship means he is owner. Anything you say before God speaks, you are wasting you time. If 1+1 is supposed to be 2, it is 2 only when God has not spoken. 1+1+ God is equal to the answer he puts there. He can make 1+1+ him equal to 1,000,000 because he is called 'I AM.' Yes you are we weak or from a weak family but add God to that equation and watch what the answer becomes. You don't clap for people when things happen naturally, but when an agency lifts me beyond that which is affordable as far as the world of men is concerned then he is glorified.

We just finished a series on the mysteries of the Kingdom, so we are not ignorant people, we understand the laws of the Spirit, however in the dealings of God there is space for his sovereignty. He can choose as an act of his sovereignty, to veto whatever is happening or not happening and just say 'I have decided that in this family I have come to them, and he will lift you. God is able to do that.'

Principles are powerful, and we would continue to honour principles, but whilst you honour principles, keep a space in your mind that God is not a robot. He is El-Shaddai. God does not only lead you to the right place, he can bring the right place to you. There are times God moves you to the destination, but there are times he moves the destination to you. Woe betides a man who can explain everything about his lifting, its not God that lifted you. There must be a gap that only the signs of God can fill in your story. He does it like that so that men will fear him. The best of us in obeying these principles will still default so when he looks at you and he see that time is going and the unit of destiny is time, he will say 'son let me pick you' and he will carry you.

One area I know where only God can truly explain is the lifting of men. There is a science to wealth and prosperity, by providing value here and there, but when it has to do with lifting, the values are many. You can do everything right, and you are ready for promotion and someone says 'because you are this tribe or this gender, I had a problem with you father because he died, since he is not around, you are the one to pay the price,' and God says 'who is attempting to be me there?' Because sometimes believers becomes so afraid just because of the things men say.

Before you recieve from God, find out who is talking. Hebrew 11:6. 'Abraham come out of your fathers house, as a visionless idol worshipper, in Ur of the Chaldeans, come I will make your name great, I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you, in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.' And that farmer got up, not knowing where he was going, one step after another until he truly became a father of nations.

He met a little village girl called Hadassah, wondering what to make out of her life, and she heard the king was looking for a queen, and the uncle said 'you try, who knows.' While she was there, other women were talking about what they thought would qualify them, but she went to Hegai, the keeper of the king's virgins. A king wanted to be God he turned into an animal, a king wanted to be God, he died and maggots came out immediately in his body. God knows how to bring men down but God knows how to lift men up. You can choose what group you want to belong to. You want him to bring you down, the secret is pride. You want lifting, there is a key to humble yourself. If you don't believe God is a lifter, in this life you will suffer.

There are territorial spirits that operate in our regions and their assignment is to make people look like thar region. There is a spirit that can make you keep earning every month and at the end of the year your life looks like yesterday. A true church must preach Christ and the whole counsel of God including his desire to lift men and bring acceleration. When God talks of lifting, there are forces that make for lifting;

1. Humility

2. Favour. Esther 2:27

Make up your mind and be very discerning. Pray from the depth of your heart.

We can make Jesus lifted and known through influence.

Two tools that brings for Kingdom Advancement:

1. Evangelism

2. Influence

Nobody will follow people without results.





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