It is very alarming that the bride is falling apart.

It was said of a bride falling apart in her pride!

It has been discovered that the bride is no longer walking base on the template she agreed to run her marriage on while saying yes to her groom.

Before she said yes, wasn't she informed that it is a lifetime journey?

Does the bride not know that it is an act of adultery whenever she chooses to follow voices other than the voice of her groom?

Should the voice of jealousy, the voice of competition, voice of conspiracy, voice of hatred, voice of selfishness and voice of disobedience prevail over the voice of her groom?

Who is this bride? Who is her groom?

Who? Who? Who?

The bride is you, the bride is me and we are the bride.

The church which is meant to be one body but which is gradually separating into parts is the bride.

The greatest enemy of we believers is becoming no longer the Devil but the fetish desires we have given access within and around ourselves.

The Church which should acknowledge everyone together as one bride unto Christ has replaced the unbreakable cord which Christ has inserted from the outset with a mere strings due to lack of Unity among many in the body.

Paul counted the people at the church in Corinth to be infant and unready to take the Spiritual Food (Meat) not because the meat is not available but because the ones who he is to give the meat unto has chosen to occupy themselves with unecessary worldly traits.

Among them were Strive, Jealousy, Quarreling and the likes. Of truth, these things results into nothing other than division among the brethren, among us.

The implication of this is that the devil have an edge of achieving his schemes easily wherever there is division.

The division among individuals in the body brings nothing other than division of the vision handed over to the Church (bride) by the groom (Christ) during the union.

Many were so much engrossed in their Immaturity that a form of sector has been created. Some unto Apollos and others unto Paul but what did Apostle Paul did to reset them back to the understanding?

In the third Chapter of the First book of Corinthians, reading through the sixth and seventh verse Apostle Paul made known to the Church in Corinth that every Minister or Worker in the body should be treated as one.

Seeing one through the lenses of titles and seat occupied has lead to nothing other than contempt.

In addition, he made it known that it is God who has sent them all and it is the same God that makes increase bringing out saliently the point that workers in the house and even members of the body are there to assist and uphold one another with every special gift impacted by the Spirit.

We can see that the happenings of today are no less different from that which the people of Corinth made Paul and other leaders Encounter.

We have seen some so called men of God calling others fake for a reason best known to them.

We can see that today's Church is never void of undue comparison and contrast.

People honouring one Spiritual gift over the other is never uncommon.

We can see that it is uncommon to hear people say I can't do this or that for him because he is not my church pastor or probably member.

We can see that many are yet to come to the understanding that any ministry set in place by God himself is unto everyone who is ready to selflessly draw souls to the Kingdom and not unto that one person (vision carrier) as they have chosen to take it.


Definitely, it is now left to leaders and members in the body of Christ today to come into this understanding that it is one body, a single goal and for the same God rather than Slandering and downwashing one another.  (Ephesians 4:3-6) KJV

Maturity in the body is all about living and walking together in Unity irrespective of how individual have come to the Understanding of the denomination, doctrines, dealings and leadings.

How well have you been contributing to see to Unity in the body today?  There is a need for maturity in the body and it is up to us all!

Men of maturity understand that bringing others down would never in anyway take them to the top.

You would never see them involve in unecessary strive and competition because they know the work set is on the platform of commission not competition.

Don't think you are helping someone's ministry but God's.

Don't think if you are not there that ministry would not thrive. 

Understand that it is for God and not that man or woman you know.

The Cankerworm eating deep into us is within us. Fetch it out and cast it away.

Jealousy and strive would surely take us somewhere but not the expected end promised by God.

Let us come together, working worthy of the vocation we are called unto.

With that, much area would be covered for Christ.

It is the course of Jesus, allow it prosper in your hands.

Focus on Christ, Submit selflessly unto the course and Walk together in Love and Unity, 

Acknowledging and exercising the above brings the bride to pact with Jesus.





Faith Agi.

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