There is a Lord over the life of a man and the Lord such a man look up to. The Lord over the life of a man is all that his heart yearns and pant daily for.

God would not direct the steps of a man who refuses to submit to his authority.

The moment we give our lives to Christ, we are to automatically take the position of a consulter.

Everyone on this mother earth is expected to accept that free offer of being a consulter.

The anchor scripture for this piece can be seen in the book of Proverb 16:9 which says "A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps".

When you submit to God's authority, you automatically sign up for divine direction.

Anyone who refuses to fix into that position will not only be living a self rotated life but will be dining amidst frustrations, failures, errors and imbalances that come from self-willed actions.

We make plans, but we should allow the consultant of the universe to direct our steps.

Allowing him to direct our steps shows that we are humble,  respect his supremacy, acknowledge his presence in our lives and reference his abilities.

Proverbs  20:24 says "Man's goings are of the LORD; how can a man then understand his own way?".

The journey of life is not just a journey but a technical and cognitive one that requires the effort of expertise to enable one to land at the right destination. One thing about the journey is that it becomes a mystery at one point in time or the other. However, the good news is that there is an all-knowing King of Kings who has a full capacity over man's going. The goings of man are of the Lord, how can you then understand your way?

Expertise is required and going to God to consult about your ways and how it should go implies your availability for that attainability from him.

You are going there, you don't even know to where or to whom but the Lord already know all that will be taking place there. Since God is accessible, why don't you access him to get hints on those unforeseen events?

Why don't you seek him now when he might be found?

Do you have a vision? Seek God!

The truth is that God will never reveal the whole picture of what the aftermath of that Vision you are about to embark on will look like to you. 

Why that? Revealing the whole picture to you may cost you the virtue called humility. It would cost you the need to see yourself a weakling who ought to lean on a God so stable. This is one of the reasons why he does things gradually and steadily to get outstanding results.

We can see that perfect example during the creation of the world. It is a thing that God can just create everything at once. Yes, you should come to the reality this day that everything is possible with God but he does things to be ensample to us in our daily living. He created the world and the things therein steadily and gradually to show us that he is thorough, determined and consistent personified.

In the like manner, God expects every one of his children to be thorough i.e no stone should be left unturned, determine i.e determination should be a reason behind engaging in those things and lastly consistency which entails completeness. For these reasons God should and must be involved if there is an expectation of effective output.

The beginning of a thing becomes baseless at the course of the end. No man is going to ask you how you started this journey. Nobody is interested in the word "I used to". What is in Vague now is "I am, I can, I won at last". 

In this kind of perverse generation, you need the help of experts, a backup that will never back off, someone who will be ready to see you soar higher daily, I assure you that you can't see any mortal being with those qualities. Some of them may possess one of the qualities but not all. Some may even possess all but it won't last forever like that of the unchanging God.

Situations and economic development can change the motive of men but not God.

Challenges, problems and mistakes can change the promises of men but not God.

This is why I do say "Human beings can make endless promises just like God but they can never keep promises as God".

You need not blame anyone for it is human nature and this is the main reason why you need to consult God who is mistake-free to help plan, preview and project your purpose in life.

To consult the earthly consultant requires processing such as documentation, Billings and booking of an appointment. You may even have to wait for a great deal before it gets to your turn if such a consultant be it Marriage, Relationship, Homes, Academics, Health is readily surrounded by a great multitude of men who are ready for consultations. However, it is a great and happy thing to know that consulting God only requires "You" as he is always available to attend to you. You don't need any form of special connection before you can access him. He doesn't cheat on the minority to attend to the men that are reckoned as financially buoyant in the community. Saying this is not in any way to give the impression that all earthly consultants involve in this discriminative act but it is to tell you that some of them do but God never and will never do such a thing. He is not a respecter of anyone. He made his love available to those that are ready to deep into the enjoyment of it.

That is the consultant he is.

Earthly consultant might give you an instant solution to that family crisis but it might resurface again.

Earthly consultant might give you some motivation on how to start up that career but without divine direction, you might end up on the wrong vocation.

Earthly consultant might give you Intellectual advice on how to curb that addiction but without divine intervention, it might reconnect back in due time.

Earthly consultant might give you ways to know if someone loves you but without the discernment of the Holy Spirit of God, you might fall into the hands of an Impostor for a spouse.

Human Solutions can never be long lasting. They can only be for the main time but solutions from God I tell you are not only long-lasting but carriers of his might.

Even if they are coming from men, let them be as directed by God himself.

In the book of luke, the woman with the issue of blood was said to have consulted all earthly consultants she might have been able to consult, endless visitations were made, consultations upon consultations, drugs upon drugs, suggestions upon suggestions but nothing changes until "One day" just a day, not two days consultation, not weeks, not the month, she decided to consult Jesus with a bold step of faith and instantly she was made whole. No face to face discussion but by just touching the garment of the great consultant she was free from an infirmity which earthly consultations couldn't solve for years.

Blind Bartimaeus knew that the moment he can consult Jesus every tabled matter become settled. He didn't allow human restrictions to outshine him, they hauled insults against him, they told him to shut up but no way, for Mr Bartimaeus has decided to consult Jesus that very day and not another. The good news was that he didn't consult Jesus in vain.

The man by the pool of Bethesda was confined to the same position for years and the moment the great consultant walked up to him to consult about his predicament, he was instantly made whole.

Why don't you? Why don't you consult Jesus over that situation?

I don't know that problem which has lingered in your life for so long.

I don't know that longing in your heart.

You might have felt frustrated and confused.

You might have to feel unsatisfied, dried and emptied.

Solutions might look so much not forthcoming.

Situations might look so persistent.

The solution however is Jesus.  He is saying aloud to you now "Come unto me all ye that Labour and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest".

He is ready to calm that troubling waters in your life if you are ready.

That Labour of Sin he is ready to carry.

That Labour of undue hardship, he would carry.

He is the peace that brings peace to every broken piece.

Boldly go unto the throne of grace.

#Divine Consultation#


#Boldly Come#

Faith Agi.

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