"I just have to do what I have to do" came the raging voice.

"What!" chorused the three other people in the office, all obviously looking shocked.

" shouldn't have taken it to the extreme" came the soft voice of Mrs Anthony who was the mother of the frustrated young guy.

Mrs Anthony can be term as the hardworking, caring, jovial and easy going type.

Those qualities are in no doubt what got Mr Anthony attracted to her back then in their service year.

The basic necessities parents ought to give to their wards were never out of place in the lives of the two Kids which the Lord has blessed them with.

In fact, as at the last time she checked, there was no form of complaints from their two children. Where then have they gone wrong as Parents? Where have they miss the target?

Looking at the people in the office from left to right and then to the right again he shouted at the top of his voice "I haven't started yet mum.  Dad you all should watch out for what is coming up next"

Before anyone could give a reply, the young guy was out of the office slamming the door against the three full grown up adults in the office.

His father who attempted running after him was stopped by Mrs Gbile who was a renowned Teenager and Youth counselor in town.


A day after in a big spacious building.

"Let us wait a bit for him. I knew within me that he would show up from somewhere soon." Mrs Gbile reassured Mr and Mrs Anthony.

Door opened, all eyes traced to the entrance.

Mrs Anthony jumped up and ran to hugged her Son.

"Mummy. I am sorry" he apologized as he wept profusely soaking his mother's shirt.

"It's okay. I told you he would be back".Mrs Gbile said.

Looking surprised "How do you know?" Mr Anthony asked.

"We can't raised those Kids to become that which they ought to become by only satisfying them with material things. You see there is more to it. The Holy spirit is the greatest teacher who has been of help over the years to parents who have aligned." Narrated Mrs Gbile.

"How?" Chorused the couple.

"I will go to that but let us take it a step at a time". She informed them.

Faced Michael "Dear. I know you have been hurt so much by your parents. Your emotion was tampered with but you don't have to take it this far. You can simply call them and relate things to them as your parents instead."

"Ma. That is the issue I have with them" he lamented.

"What issue dear?" asked the counselor

"My parents hardly have time for us. They provide all that they need to provide but there is never a close contact relationship. It is frustrating" 

Mr Anthony pointed to his wife "You caused it"

Angrily "Don't dare say I caused it"

"Then who caused it?" Mr Anthony asked sharply.

"Are you asking me? When you would go to all days conference without looking back that you have some living beings at home. Or have you forgotten so quick?"  She stood up as she demonstrated with her hands to show how serious she was about it.

"You aren't perfect either" he retaliated.

The duo remain silent.

"Are you through? You see when things as this happens, the best to do is not to blame each other. The best to do is to look out for the source of the problem and  begin to work on it"

"The source?" Mrs Anthony asked.

"Yes the source. Michael kindly excuse us. I  Would definitely spend enough time with you today Okay." 

"Okay ma" Michael nodded and leave for the bedroom.

"Alright. I don't want it to be as if I am blaming you in the present of your boy and that is the reason why I asked him to excuse us. So, I said the source. You see in this life, no problem no matter how small or big it is can be solve except it be taken from it root. How do you totally kill a tree? If you cut it from it stem, you would soon afterwards find a growing tree but if you totally dig it out from the root and thoroughly cut out other small roots attached to it, then you have killed it. You see, those small roots are the little foxes that spoil the vine.

If you refuse to kill them or if you ignore them, you would soon afterwards find out something bigger a problem than you can imagine."

"Hmmm. Where then did I and my husband get it wrong ma?" Mr Anthony asked.

"Good one. Lack of communication. You both don't flow with them.

Flow with your Kids as effective as possible. When you refuse to be accountable to your wards, you find them going out there searching for Foxes in disguise of Shepherds that would be accountable to them.

If you are accountable to your Kids, your boy wouldn't have absent himself from school for such a big duration of time without you being aware of it but thank God that your Son haven't gone far this way.

Like I said earlier, only material support can't keep your wards relevant in this world. They need Moral, Spiritual, Emotional and Social Support. Only you can give them best." she paused "No problem can be solved by taking it from the surface. No problem can be thoroughly dealt with if you choose to blame others for it. Instead of blaming others for it, look out for the source. The source of a thing is it origin and from the origin of a thing comes it original solution. Now that you know, fixed your Family" she concluded.

"We should take it from the source!" the couple chorused.


Many when faced with certain situations chooses to blame others for the cause. They are never out of who to blame. 

The truth remain that in every problem there is a pointer always pointing on someone to blame. However, a good look out on things would reveal another kind of pointer pointing on the need to solve the problem. How do you solve problems? Simply take them from their source.

No form of blamings, Condemnations, Concealments,  Unforgiveness and Regrets can solve that problem.

The reason why that addiction persist is not because attempts to solve it has not been made. The reason why such would persist is because something has not be done to take it from the source.

Tagging it as good when it is actually bad wouldn't solve anything.

The source of a thing is the origin of a thing.

In the origin of a thing you can bring out it essence.

Note: Tracing it to the source doesn't entails  "Who caused it." it entails "What caused it", "Why it need to be solved" and "How it can be solved".

Trace it to where things have gone wrong and  deal thoroughly with it.

#Faith Agi.

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